GCC is an Exceptionally Safe Campus Board of Trustees Heard

From the new, 100-plus page Emergency Response Plan to video monitoring and remote access lock-down controls, Genesee Community College is a safe campus that utilizes state-of-the-art security systems, the Board of Trustees heard at Monday evening’s August meeting. Director of Campus Safety Stephen Wise provided a full report summarizing the College’s multipoint safety program which has undertaken numerous new initiatives since 2013, when Mr. Wise joined the College staff.

Among the new aspects to GCC’s Campus Safety program are:

  • Adding two, full-time peace officers to the Campus Safety staff. Mr. Wise and also Michael Donalty, Campus Safety coordinator, are sworn New York State peace officers with complete authority to conduct investigations, make arrests and carry firearms on campus.
  • Continued collaboration and increased communication with other law enforcement agencies including the Genesee County Sheriff Department, New York State Troopers, and the safety officers and team at College Village, the student housing complex adjacent to the Batavia campus.
  • Deployment of “Genetec” which integrates video and facility access control, including remote control that allows ‘smart’ device lock-down capabilities.
  • Introduction of Report Exec Record Management for both GCC campus and College Village incident reporting.
  • “Little Green Buttons” installed on more than 200 computers at the Batavia campus with another 50 to be installed at the campus centers. These computer screen buttons allow employees to discreetly alert Campus Safety if an unsafe circumstance is underway in their office.
  • Extensive practice drills and training opportunities have been scheduled rehearsing responses to emergency situations such as a Hazmat shelter-in-place, campus lockout, responding to a suspicious, unattended backpack and evacuations such as fire drills.
  • Lastly, maintaining all the required reports and informational manuals including the Clery Reports, Standard Operating Procedures, General Order Manuals and the up-to-date listing of all contacts for any and all emergency circumstances.

Officer Wise also provided a list of goals for the future that will continue to keep GCC an extraordinarily safe campus. He plans to have a full emergency drill potentially involving Genesee County Health Department with GCC acting as the dispensing pod for emergency pharmaceuticals and critical care. He will continue his ongoing assessment of campus safety including forecasting the upcoming staffing and security needs for the new Student Success Center and the College and Community Event Center.

“We are looking at sharing more services with College Village to increase efficiencies. In addition, we want to continue to improve our community contacts, and develop individual Safety Plans for GCC’s campus centers,” Wise told the Trustees.

In other business Monday, the Board of Trustees:

  • Approved the granting of 128 diplomas and certificates to students finishing their studies this month, subject to satisfactory completion of summer courses. The College plans to award one Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree; 55 Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees; 56 Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees and 16 certificates.
  • Approved the granting of Professor Emeritus status to Maureen Leupold, who recently retired after more than 20 years of service to Genesee. Starting as a GCC graduate in 1979, Mrs. Leupold returned to the College as an adjunct biology teacher in 1990, and continued her service as full-time instructor, professor and finally as the director of science in 2013. She also received two SUNY Chancellor Awards for Excellence.
  • Toured the Batavia Campus with Kevin Hamilton, vice president of Finance and Operations to review the building maintenance projects underway this summer. Among the summer projects undertaken largely by GCC Buildings and Grounds Maintenance staff are: renovation of the College cafeteria and kitchen, and of science laboratory C304; replacement or mechanical improvements to two elevators; replacement of concrete steps nearest College Village; regrouting of the pool; new stairwell covering on the east end of campus near the gym; cleaning of the artificial turf; exterior mortar work; and targeted window and window seal replacements.

Collectively, these projects reflect the College’s ongoing annual effort to continually maintain GCC’s facilities to its award-winning condition. With the main building being close to 50 years old, the College relies on the expertise of the buildings and ground crew to make the facilities safer, more energy and cost efficient, and to enhance the longevity of the all infrastructure.

“Once again, we have an incredibly talented staff in our Building and Grounds area and their skills and dedication can be witnessed and enjoyed throughout the campus,” James M. Sunser, president of GCC remarked.