College Village Residents 'Sound Off' on Student Housing at Genesee

Residents of College Village, Genesee Community College’s student residence, especially like their appliances, responsiveness of safety staff members, and evening and weekend programs offered to students, according to the results of a recent survey of College Village students.

Residents would like to see faster internet service, changes to the discipline and conduct code, and different styles of furniture, according to the same survey.

Two hundred forty-nine students completed the second annual College Village Resident Satisfaction Survey in April, Director of Development and External Affairs Richard Ensman reported. The survey gives students an opportunity to express their views about life at College Village, and helps staff members shape College Village priorities in the years ahead, Mr. Ensman said.

College Village is home to 380 students during the academic year. Located at the northeastern end of the Batavia Campus, College Village consists of 95 apartment-style suites located in nine residential buildings. Students who live at College Village are all full-time students at Genesee. Most live more than 50 miles from the Batavia Campus, although a growing number of local students are choosing to live at College Village. Last year, about 50 international students lived at the residence. College Village is operated by the Genesee Community College Foundation, a charitable organization that provides volunteer and philanthropic support to the College.

Seventy-one percent of residents living at College Village in April completed the survey, up from 53% of residents who completed the survey in the spring of 2008. Students responded to questions about their satisfaction with College Village, their reasons for choosing College Village as student housing, and had the opportunity to offer open-ended comments about their likes and dislikes.

Other results from the 2009 survey:
  • Resident satisfaction increased on all ten satisfaction measures between 2008 and 2009.
  • Students reported significant increases in satisfaction with student discipline, perceptions of safety, and ability to talk to staff members about problems and concerns.
  • Length of residence does not appear to influence satisfaction, except that satisfaction with internet service and maintenance request turnaround time declines among residents who have lived at College Village for three or more semesters.
  • Three out of four students chose College Village because living on campus was important to them.
  • Three out of four returning Genesee students have chosen College Village again.
Survey results indicate that changes in student programming and safety procedures had a positive impact on students, Mr. Ensman told trustees. Survey results also indicate that, in the future, students might be involved in the selection of furniture and programs about conduct and discipline.

A strong student housing program is vitally important to Genesee Community College, Mr. Ensman said. “Students come here from across the globe because of the programs we offer, and the College’s excellent reputation,” he said. “Students need quality housing. It supports and enhances the college experience of each of our students.”