Genesee Professor Takes Writing Position with New York Times' Reference Web Site

James Bucki Named Writer/Editor at
Genesee Community College is proud to announce director of Academic Computing Technology, James (Jim) Bucki, Sr. has been named writer/editor for Operations Technology at the New York Times’ reference website, After a lengthy application process, Jim started the position in September 2008 and went live on the web in October 2008. His page can be found at

Writing for the web was never a dream or long-term goal for Bucki, and he actually never saw himself working at a college. Today, however, he not only enjoys teaching at Genesee, but it compliments his new second career as a writer for He was first led to the web site when he was researching coin collecting for a merit badge for his son’s Boy Scout troop. From there he contacted the editors of the web pages and discovered they were in need of a writer for their Operations Technology page. After going through a rigorous “boot camp” of writing and editing skill tests, he landed the job with

Bucki has an extensive background in operational management. With 17 years of corporate experience including consulting, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare, banking and education, he has the ability to assess opportunities for improvements, regardless of industry. After consulting around the country and managing operations for various companies, he made the move to education in 2001. Today, Jim still provides consulting services to small and midsize organizations as an independent systems consultant.

Jim started his management studies at Syracuse University with a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management. He continued on to the University of Buffalo to complete a Masters of Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing Management and General Management.

In his new position as writer/editor for the Operations Technology page on, Bucki will be writing several times a week about popular topics on how to run a business efficiently and applying existing and new technologies. The generic topics he discusses allow readers to implement new technologies, no matter what industry they are in.

In the beginning phases of the position, he was required to create a three to five year outline for the site content. Known as “Guides”, the writers/editors of the pages often get their topics from research through and through information compiled by the search engine Google. Part of his responsibilities as writer/editor was creating the Operations Technology blog, which he enjoys updating two to three times per week.

“I really look forward to blogging,” Bucki said. “Currently, I’m writing interesting blogs on how to save money in your business during these tough economic times.”

After being on the job for almost six months, Bucki reflects on the synergy of his two positions as a teacher of technology and a writer / blogger.

“I kind of fell into this job while doing research for my son’s Boy Scout troop. I never really thought of writing for a web site before. Now I feel as if it’s a natural fit alongside working in an educational setting.” He noted that his favorite part of teaching in a college setting coincides with his work on “I really enjoy teaching technology. I try to make students understand that technology is useless unless people are there to operate it, and that’s essentially what I get to do as a web writer too.”

Jim lives in West Seneca, NY with his wife and six children. He enjoys volunteering with his sons’ Boys Scout Pack 1776 and Troop 409. After working with to research coin collecting for his son’s merit badge, he continues his coin collecting as a hobby as well. Jim is grateful that his position at is flexible because he it allows him to maximize his time with his large family.