Genesee's RESPECT Campaign Annual Food Drive a Success

The fourth annual RESPECT Campaign Food Drive at Genesee Community College was a success, despite the recent slower economy. The food drive ran from November 3rd through November 11th, with all collections donated to the local Salvation Army.

In addition to the donations collected by the members of the RESPECT Campaign, the group also purchased 15 turkeys as well as the ingredients to create the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce were all purchased to complete the meals. The members of the RESECT campaign anticipated the donations could feed approximately 30 local families this holiday season.

“The members of the Salvation Army we’re so surprised with our donations this season,” said Ellen Brokaw, assistant director of Residence Life at College Village. “In the face of a slower economy and tighter spending, people still came out and donated so many items. This really shows the type of people we have in our community and the generosity they demonstrated.”

The RESPECT Campaign aims to promote and create a more respectful environment throughout the College and among all students, staff and faculty. It is organized by Residence Life at College Village, as well as Student Activities. They promote special events and opportunities for the entire college community, the many different cultures, races, religions, as well as the different genders and various levels of authority, so they can build a dynamic understanding with one another.

Anyone interested in becoming involved are encouraged to call Ellen Brokaw at 343-0163 or Joanna Barefoot at 343-0055 x 6513. Volunteers and contributions from the general community are warmly welcomed.