Advanced Studies Outstanding Scholar Plans to Use Foreign Language Skills This Summer

Alcina Lidder, a senior at Batavia High School, plans to make immediate use of her proficiency in foreign language. Lidder, who received an Outstanding Scholar Award for the subject of foreign language, is traveling to Europe this summer with her family and is excited to take what she’s learned in the classroom and apply it to real life.

Alcina’s family - including her older sister Serina, who was selected as a semi-finalist in the subject of foreign language a few years ago as an Advanced Studies student and is now studying at the University of Rochester – are attending a wedding in England and plan to spend about six weeks traveling throughout Great Britain and continental Europe. They have stops planned for London, Rome, and Barcelona, among other destinations.

“I’m thrilled to have a chance to use my foreign language skills as we travel this summer,” said Alcina. “It’s a very exciting trip and I hope that what I’ve learned in foreign language classes will help us enjoy it even more.”

Alcina credits her participation in the Advanced Studies program, and especially her teacher Ms. Karen Betz for her interest in language. She has taken Spanish 4 and 5 courses in addition to pre-calculus, psychology, sociology, international relations, and history classes while enrolled in the Advanced Studies program.

“The advanced studies program was great and has benefited me a lot,” Alcina said. “I got to experience college-level courses while still in high school but my teachers were still very accessible. I’m glad to have gotten this experience before I go to college.”

Alcina, whose father is a retired physician and mother is a practicing physician at UMMC, plans to attend Northwestern University in the fall, where she will study political science and biological science.

For more information about the Advanced Studies program at Genesee Community College, call 585-345-6801.


Advanced Studies student Alcina Lidder and teacher Ms. Karen Betz: