GCC’s “Ebullition” Fashion Website Launches this Saturday

Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 6 p.m.~ Online and Across the Globe through GCC's Dedicated Website

Batavia, New York

What:              GCC’s “Ebullition” Fashion Website Launches this Saturday

When:             Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 6 p.m.

Where:            Online and Across the Globe through GCC’s Dedicated Website

Who:               All are invited to click in and through!

Tickets:          FREE and open to the public

Background: From as far away as Tokyo, Japan, fashion program students at Genesee Community College are putting the final touches on their scenes to launch the special “Ebullition” website for the 39th Annual Fashion Show. The freshly designed “show” debuting online as a comprehensive website will be available at GCCFashionShow.com and will feature dozens of photographs and scene narratives developed by each coordinator, including a brief description of their creative journey during a global pandemic.

The website will go live on May 2, 2020 at exactly 6 p.m. marking what would have been the beginning of the live, professionally produced show had not the Coronavirus pandemic caused its cancellation. One clear advantage of the new web-based “Ebullition” is that viewing the show is FREE and it will be available worldwide to anyone on any electronic device with internet access. 

In “Ebullition,” which means a sudden outburst of emotion, each scene connects to a deep-rooted feeling consistent with Japanese “ki do ai raku,” which translates in English to happiness, anger, sadness and joy. These four emotions are reflected in the garment selections by using specific color palettes, textures, style, accessories, and even places in the world or the mood of the models. In addition to the ten original scenes in the program, a special new scene was just added revealing the unique COVID-19 masks made or modeled by each student. A specially designed mask was made by Laura Taylor, GCC’s instructor of Fashion Merchandising Management for the College’s cougar mascot.

“Since GCC closed its campus doors for the pandemic the students have been on their own emotional, technical and creative roller coasters to complete their assignments,” Taylor said. “Some have no sewing machines; are using family members as their models; cell phones for photography; or finding items from their own homes to complement their creative vision.”

As their capstone project, the students’ final grades depend on their efforts to successfully complete their scene, and this year’s unique challenge included overcoming many sourcing, design, equipment and others obstacles while keeping their creativity flowing at a time of great anxiety. Under each major “ki do ai raku” emotion, the following “Ebullition” scenes will be unveiled on Saturday:

Representing HAPPINESS (ki) will be:

·         “Enthusiasm” – Showing enthusiasm, by Manami Horikawa

·         “Gaiety” – Depicting the state or quality of being lighthearted or cheerful, by Chie Kai

·         “Delight” – Representing great pleasure, by Gaoquan Cui, a.k.a. GQ

Representing ANGER (do) will be:

·         “Rebellion” – The action or process of resisting authority, control or convention, by Alexis Remington

·         “Indignation” – Illuminates anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment, by Nicole Ortiz

·         “Vexation” – The frustration and irritation one experiences and then overcomes during a pandemic 

Representing SADNESS (ai) will be:

          “Sonder” – The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, have a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal                              lack of awareness of it, by Kim Truesdell

          “Dejection” – Shows a sad and depressed state, by Yuuka Sano

          “Sorrow” – Portrays a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment or other misfortune suffered by one’s self or others, by Olivia Kohorst

The final piece of “ki do ai raku” will represent JOY (raku) through:

·         “Elation” – Eliciting a feeling or state of great joy or pride, by Marissa Conte

·         “Entranced” – Filling one with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention, by Rebecca Siglin

·         “Euphoria” – Shows a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness, by Jessica Piper

“Most of my students are rising to the challenge of re-imagining their vision and retro-fitting their work for a computer website instead of a live stage, all while adjusting to this very anxious time in world history,” Taylor added. “I really hope the global community will visit our “Ebullition” site and share feedback and words of encouragement.”

Links from GCC’s website, www.genesee.edu will provide easy access to “Ebullition” website with additional access points from the College’s Facebook page @sunygcc.

For more information, contact Marketing Communications Director Donna Rae Sutherland at (585) 343-0055 ext. 6616, or via email: dsutherland@genesee.edu.


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Editor’s Note: A graphic representing the Ebullition Fashion Show and a photo of the GCC Cougar mascot wearing his new COVID-19 mask are available at: