The Forum Players Present: Alice in Wonderland by Brainerd Duffield

Genesee Community College’s Theatrical Group Readies Their Newest Spring Play!



Batavia, NY –The Forum Players will be presenting Alice In Wonderland by Brainerd Duffield, an adaption of the classic tale written by Lewis Carroll. Performances will be held on April 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Stuart Steiner Theatre at Genesee Community College.

After a chance meeting with the White Rabbit, Alice finds herself tumbling down a seemingly endless rabbit hole. Once she reaches the bottom, she finds her world has been turned upside-down. She meets the tempestuous Queen of Hearts who invites her to play a game of croquet. Things only get more peculiar from there. From dangerous encounters with vengeful queens, to new companions who may not have Alice’s best interests in mind, Wonderland soon loses its luster. If Alice has any hope of getting home to her cat Dinah, she must traverse through Wonderland to the border of Looking-Glass Land. From there she’ll have to travel square by square on a giant chessboard. Only once she reaches the eighth row and becomes a Queen herself can she be free to go home.

Brainerd Duffield’s adaption of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale takes on a much darker tone. Alice and her adventures through Wonderland become an allegory for a child facing the nightmare of growing up. It’s a coming of age story where the dream becomes a nightmare. Take an expedition into Wonderland and see a fresh look at the horror of the journey to adulthood.

This show features themes of abuse, bullying, drug addiction, alcoholism, narcissism, peer pressure and selfishness. It is not suitable for young children. There are some scenes that may be too intense for children under 16. This is not a children’s theatre production. No child will be permitted without an adult.

Alice in Wonderland by Brainerd Duffield features an international cast of GCC students.  Audiences will enjoy the many talents of the following Forum Players: 

  • Jillian Curtis, LeRoy NY as Alice                                                                                             
  • Gyandro Marselia, Willemstad, Curacao as The White Rabbit                                                
  • Mya Thomas, Akron NY as the Queen of Hearts                                                                    
  • Rob Reiss, Elba NY as the Mad Hatter, The Executioner                                                     
  • Haylea-Ann Self, Brocton NY as the Caterpillar, The March Hare
  • James Barcomb, Batavia, NY as the Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Gryphon                                  
  • Francesca Pieter, Willemstad, Antilles, Netherlands as the Red/White Queens                       
  • Reina Fujikawa, Sakaide, Kagawa as the Mouse, Dormouse                                                 
  • Jessie Pierce, Batavia, NY as the Mock Turtle                                                                        
  • Raylynn Ryan, Fillmore NY as Tweedledee, Knave of Hearts                                                 
  • Celeste T. Dzielski, Rochester NY as Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty, King of Hearts           
  • Crimson Allis, Gasport, NY as the Fish Footman                                                                    
  • Cheri Pekurny, Binghamton NY as the Frog Footman                                                            
  • Cheri Pekurny, Crimson Allis, Belancia Joseph (Jamaica, NY) as the Cards                           
  • Ayaka Nakamura (Osaka, Japan), Tiffanie Drum, Tiffany Smith (Arkport NY) as the Flowers          
  • Ayaka Nakamura, Tiffanie Drum (Cohocton, NY), Tiffany Smith, Cheri Pekurny, Crimson Allis as the Dance Ensemble
  • Rob Reiss Special Sequences

Director, Maryanne Arena shares, “This beloved tale is the what nightmares are made of, and being a teenager is a nightmare! We are not telling this tale to play to children, using fun, one dimensional characters. Rather, we are exploring the expectations and circumstances or growing up in a world where you feel you don't belong. A world of monsters, bullies and questions with no answers. Alice in Wonderland by Brainerd Duffield can be told with a variety of themes in mind. We wanted to explore the pains of middle years of growth and not knowing where on belongs. Not a child, yet, not an adult; Alice fights for survival and the strength to overcome the many nightmares of youth. Please enjoy this interesting tale of youth. Maybe you can find yourself and the monsters that pursued you in your youth."

Production Staff

  • Directed and Staged by: Maryanne Arena
  • Production Designer: Brodie McPherson                                
  • Musical Director: Lauren Picarro-Hoerbelt
  • Choreographer : Tara Freitag
  • Assistant Director: Rob Reiss
  • Stage Manager : Hayley Jo Denaro
  • Audio Engineer: Chris Stawiasz
  • Light Board Operator:  Yuina Otsuka
  • Run Crew: Trevor Clark, Kaine D'eredita, Lindsey Windham
  • Costume Run Crew: Julianna Turoldo
  • Costume Designer: Beth Ohman
  • Wardrobe Supervisor: Loy Gross
  • Posters : GCC Digital Arts and Pam Swarts
  • PR, Photos: GCC Marketing Communications                                                                                    
  • Arts Center Assistant/Box Office Attendant: Jessica Skehan
  • Promotional Materials: GCC Marketing Communications & Jessica Skehan                                                                                                 

You may contact the Stuart Steiner Theatre box office for more information and ticket sales. They can be reached by phone at (585) 343-0055 x6490, or by sending an email to Seating is limited and advance reservations are strongly advised. The show is designed for mature audiences only.

Ticketing information can be found on the GCC website.

For more information contact Vice President, Development and External Affairs Justin Johnston at (585) 345-6809, or via email:

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Note: “Alice in Wonderland (Duffield)” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.