GCC’s BEST Center Receives SUNY Grant for Workforce Development

Batavia, NY- Nine local companies within the GLOW area are about to get a boost to aid individual consortium projects thanks in part to a $68,000 SUNY Workforce Development Grant awarded to The Business Employee Skills Training (BEST) Center at Genesee Community College. The grant will help support the development of training in the areas of team building, leadership and lean manufacturing.

“This workforce development consortium training supports funding for a number of companies with specific workforce training needs,” noted John McGowan, director of The BEST Center.

This year’s local participants in the 2015-2016 SUNY Grant are Baxter Healthcare (Medina), Chapin International, Inc. (Batavia), Freeze-Dry Foods, Inc. (Albion), Morton Salt, Inc. (Silver Springs), O-At-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc. (Batavia), Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. (Arcade), Prestolite Electric, Inc. (Arcade) and Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp (Batavia).

The BEST Center continues to work on behalf of local businesses, providing not only granted funded training, but a number of other training initiatives that support the growth of employee skills throughout GLOW area businesses.

“This past June, Muller Quaker Dairy Products took advantage of the SUNY 2014-2015 Grant with a teambuilding training activity led by Leslie Diaz and Pamela Szalay, training consultants on behalf of The BEST Center,” McGowan added.

This year, 86 community college projects will be supported through the SUNY Workforce Development Grant, which provides workforce development training courses to businesses and organizations statewide in order to promote and encourage the location and development of new business in New York and to retain existing employment opportunities. The SUNY Grant funded training opportunities will start January 1, 2016 and run through the end of June, 2016.

For more information, contact Marketing Communications Associate Director Donna Rae Sutherland at (585) 343-0055 ext. 6616, or via email: dsutherland@genesee.edu.