GCC New Online Info Packets 'Wows' Board of Trustees

The final presentation to Genesee Community College Board of Trustees at Monday's meeting was an opportunity to step into the minds, computers and ‘smart' devices of today's potential students.

Batavia, New York —The final presentation to Genesee Community College Board of Trustees at Monday’s meeting was an opportunity to step into the minds, computers and ‘smart’ devices of today’s potential students. The relatively new online, customizable “InfoPack” was demonstrated to the Trustees, along with the creative energy and collaborative spirit of a group of GCC employees who work in different departments, but came together to make student recruitment more efficient, more cost effective and more fun.

The team was headed by Tanya Lane-Martin, assistant dean for Enrollment Services and director of Admissions, who continually searches for clever ways to connect with and engage potential students. Christie Shirk, Recruitment specialist saw a dynamic online information utility at another university and brought the concept back to GCC and bounced it by her colleagues. Patrick Collette, who serves as the College’s web master, took the idea and ran with it creating a new web interface that allows each user, from a laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet or e-reader, to self-select areas of interest and in just seconds bring up a custom-designed information packet. To try GCC’s new InfoPacket, go to http://www.genesee.edu/offices/admissions/infopacket/

The interface collects the selected information and photographs from sources already posted on GCC’s website, and assembles the various pieces into a personalized packet which can be emailed, downloaded, as well as printed off.

“Each unique InfoPacket gets the right information, to the right people at the right time,” Ms. Lane-Martin enthusiastically stated. “And it produces results with little to no cost to maintain and saves my department a ton of money in printing and mailing costs!”

The results of the new program were collected and analyzed by Tom Kinsey, Education Services technical specialist, who reported impressive results. This past year, 999 recruits used the online InfoPackets resulting in 421 applicants which converted into 201 students!

Going forward, Jackie Vetrano, GCC’s Web and Social Media coordinator and the newest member of the InfoPacket team, will broaden the reach of the new interface promoting it through social media networks such as Face Book, YouTube, School Tube, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine and Instagram. In addition, a designated QR code strategically placed in print ads and publications will help drive new traffic to the webpage. The team will continue to drill into the analytics to determine “hot” areas of interest for increased marketing and to help keep the website current and exciting. Plans to add new check boxes delineating new areas of interest helps GCC engage potential recruits and convert them into becoming students.

The InfoPacket program so impressed College administrators that the team was awarded “Employees of the Month” for December 2013. To learn more about this recognition, please go to: http://www.genesee.edu/news/articles/dspArticle/4545/ which includes a photograph of the team.

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