GCC Energy Conservation Projects Keep Costs Down, Board Hears

A series of summer energy conservation projects will improve mechanical efficiency and keep building costs down at Genesee Community College, President James M. Sunser reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening.

Batavia, New York – A series of summer energy conservation projects will improve mechanical efficiency and keep building costs down at Genesee Community College, President James M. Sunser reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening.

Improvements to the chilled water system, which removes air and particulate from the chilled water, will increase efficiency by at least 10%. New energy-efficient LED lights and new ceiling tiles have been installed in the pool area. A number of Batavia Campus windows with broken or loose seals are being replaced this summer, which will result in a substantial decrease in heat loss. The HVAC air compressor will be replaced this fall.

These efficiency measures are part of the College’s continuing efforts to save money on energy and mechanical systems, Dr. Sunser told trustees. He noted that the College has a long and successful history of preventive maintenance, and that most of the current improvement projects are being completed by the College’s own Buildings and Grounds staff.

The College’s Facilities Master Plan, completed last year, noted that the College’s critical deferred maintenance needs accounted for only 3% of the estimated value of the College’s buildings – much less than deferred maintenance ratios at colleges across the nation. Robert J. Joy, Managing Principal of JMZ Architects, which produced the Master Plan, told trustees last year that Genesee Community College’s Board of Trustees and the Genesee County Legislature, sponsor of the College, have been excellent stewards of the College’s facilities.

The College is also repairing and resealing the floor of the William W. Stuart Forum this summer, Dr. Sunser told the Board. The project will brighten the forum, and reduce the time required to maintain the floor in the future.

In other business Monday evening, the Board of Trustees:

Approved the granting of 139 diplomas and certificates to students finishing their studies this month, subject to satisfactory completion of summer courses. The College plans to award two Associate in Arts (A.A.) degrees; 69 Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees; 57 Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees and eleven certificates.

Heard Board Chair Maureen T. Marshall appoint members of Board of Trustees Committees for the 2013-2014 year. Named to the Buildings and Grounds Committee were Donna M. Ferry (Chair); Laura J. Bohm; Laurie J. Miller and Peter R. Call. Named to the Personnel Committee were Mrs. Miller (Chair); Benjamin J. Bonarigo (Vice Chair); Mrs. Bohm; Ms. Ferry and Dr. Melvin J. Wentland. Named to the Policy Committee were Mr. Bonarigo (Chair); Mrs. Bohm and Diane D. Torcello. Named to the Finance Committee were Mrs. Torcello (Chair); Mr. Call and Mrs. Marshall. Named to the Nominating Committee were Mrs. Miller (Chair); Mr. Bonarigo; Mr. Call and Ms. Ferry. Mrs. Bohm was appointed to serve as the Board’s representative to the Association of Community College Trustees, a national organization representing the interests of community college governing boards nationwide. Mrs. Bohm, Mr. Bonarigo and Ms. Ferry were appointed representatives to the New York Community College Trustees Association. Appointed as trustee representatives on the Genesee Community College Foundation Board of Directors were Mr. Bonarigo, Mr. Call, Ms. Ferry and Mrs. Torcello. Appointed as trustee representative to the Board of Directors of the Genesee Community College Association was Mrs. Miller.

Heard Dr. Sunser report that Randi N. O’Brien is joining the staff as manager of the Rosalie (Roz) Steiner Art Gallery and Instructor of Art History. Ms. O’Brien has served as a member of the faculty of Montana State University and Flathead Valley Community College, also in Montana. She has also served as a member of the staffs of Montana Museum of Art and Culture and the Clay Studio of Missoula, Montana. Dr. Sunser also reported several position changes among faculty and staff members:
oTerence A. Reding, of Gainesville, has been promoted from the position of Registrar to Assistant Dean of Records and Advisement.
oAmy L. Churchfield, of Groveland, will serve as Interim Associate Dean at the Dansville Campus Center for the coming academic year, replacing former Associate Dean Peter P. Soscia who recently joined the staff of Orange County Community College.
oMaureen A. Leupold, of Churchville, Professor of Biology, will also serve as the College’s Director of Science programs.
oChristopher L. Kemp, of LeRoy, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, will also serve as the College’s Director of Mathematics and Engineering Science.
oLina M. LaMattina, of Buffalo, currently Director of Business Skills Training of The BEST (Business and Employee Skills Training) Center, will serve as Director of Business Programs and Assistant Professor of Business.

Heard Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Virginia M. Taylor, report that summer classes at Genesee enrolled 67 more students this year than during the summer 2012 semester.

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