GCC Board of Trustees Approve Two New Concentrations in Fashion Business Program

E-Commerce and Event Planning to be Reviewed by SED and SUNY

Batavia, New York - Genesee Community College’s Board of Trustees approved two new academic concentrations – E-Commerce and Event Planning – in the College’s Fashion Business program Monday evening. The new concentrations will permit students to focus their study in the rapidly-growing fields of online retailing and retail/business event management. The plan for the new concentrations will now be forwarded to the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department for approval.

An academic concentration is a cluster of courses focusing on a specialized topic. Students pursuing either of the new concentrations will still receive a degree in Fashion Business, but they will participate in extensive coursework in their areas of special interest.

The E-Commerce field is experiencing explosive growth, according to Interim Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael S. Stoll. In the early years of the Internet, only a few retailers sold goods and services online. “But today, virtually all major retailers have an online presence and most small- and mid-sized businesses are discovering they need to sell online in order to build their customer base,” Mr. Stoll told trustees. Board Chair Maureen T. Marshall recounted a conversation she had with a senior officer of one of the nation’s leading retailers who told her that the company was struggling to improve its online presence and needed qualified employees in the e-commerce area. Students pursing the E-Commerce concentration will be prepared to help manage retail websites and online processing centers, and plan and implement online retail campaigns.

The Event Planning concentration focuses on the growing number and variety of business-oriented special events, especially retailing events. Retailers based in traditional stores are discovering they often need to stage special promotions and events to attract customers or introduce new product lines, Mr. Stoll said. These include free-standing events in highly-trafficked stores, malls, and other public locations. Students completing the concentration will be prepared to implement complex event project plans that can include event promotion, logistics, food and beverages, security, and a wide variety of other elements that comprise a successful event. Students will also be prepared to plan and implement activities at trade shows and conventions.

The two new concentrations will not require any new faculty or staff, Mr. Stoll said. Courses involved in the concentrations, such as Customer Relationship Management, Principles of Event Management, Meeting and Convention Planning, Introduction to Project Management, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Web Development, and Web Publishing are already offered as part of other academic programs at Genesee.

Student Trustee Samantha Macey Vogt said that the new Event Management concentration will enrich the experience of many Fashion Business students involved with the College’s April Fashion Show. The show is produced entirely by students, who must plan and arrange for thousands of details, Ms. Vogt said. The Genesee Community College Fashion Show has earned a reputation for excellence, and is now one of the largest fashion shows in Western New York, attracting about 1,600 guests annually. This year’s Fashion Show is scheduled for April 27 at the College’s Batavia Campus.

The College’s Fashion Business program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the fashion and retailing fields. Graduates of the program work in the design industry, marketing industry, manage wholesaling and distribution operations, and manage retail stores. The popular program attracts students locally and internationally, President James M. Sunser noted.

In other business this evening, the Board of Trustees:

Approved continuing (four-year) appointments for 35 faculty and staff members, including eleven first-time continuing appointments. Receiving their first continuing appointments were: Deborah A. Carrasquillo, Instructor, Nursing; Susan M. Chiddy, Learning Specialist; Amy V. Conley, Instructor, Accounting; Michelle A. Eichelberger, Instructor/Librarian; Gary W. Glaser, Instructor, Biology; Jodi S. Harvey, Instructor, Teacher Education; Roxanne M. Holthaus, Instructor, Nursing; Eileen M. Mathis, Instructor, Psychology and Human Services; Derek D. Maxfield, Instructor, History; Tonya L. Passamonte, Instructor, Nursing; Teresa L. Sukiennicki, Instructor, Biology.

Also reappointed to the faculty and staff were: Michelle D. Abdella, Associate Professor, Mathematics; Elise C. Banfield, Associate Professor, Psychology; Katie M. Brown, Technical Specialist, Office of Financial Assistance; James M. Bucki, Director, Academic Computer Technology Programs; Marina A. Cappellino, Associate Professor, Computer Systems and Network Technologies; Amy L. Churchfield, Technical Specialist, Dansville Campus Center; Cheryl A. Corke, Associate Professor, Accounting; Michael A. Crittenden, Professor, Physics; Mary Jo Dumuhosky, Academic Advisor; Donna J. Ehrhart, Professor, Business/Computer Information Systems; Julie A. Jackson-Coe, Associate Professor, Reading; Patricia J. Kendall-Cargill, Associate Professor, Nursing; Kathleen A. Kimber, Professor, Spanish; Nichola J. Lerczak, Assistant Professor/Librarian; Judith M. Littlejohn, Academic Support Assistant; Frank L. Mayo, Professor, Speech and Theatre; Nina I. Mortellaro, Technical Assistant, Human Communications and Behavior; Lisa E. Papke, Technical Specialist, Office of Financial Assistance; Jennifer L. Ross, Student Resource Center Associate; David W. Sink, Technical Assistant, Arcade Campus Center; Ronald L. Spiotta, Athletic Assistant; Carrie E. Sputore, Technical Specialist, Office of Admissions; Pamela E. Swarts, Assistant Professor, Digital Art; Jane A. Weston, Professor, Biology.

Heard Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Virginia M. Taylor report that the opening of classes this morning went smoothly. She said that some students waited until the last minute to register for classes. “The Records and Advisement offices were swamped today,” she told trustees. Dr. Taylor noted that the College’s 12-week course session will begin February 11, and prospective students who have not registered for the Spring 2013 semester but who still wish to pursue study this semester can register for 12-week session classes now.

Heard Director of Development and External Affairs report on the current activities of the Genesee Community College Foundation. Mr. Ensman said that current priorities include alumni and community outreach, regional giving, additional student housing services, and growth of Trek the Trail, a springtime fund raising event for friends and alumni. Mr. Ensman also said that the Foundation hopes to provide support for the College’s Facilities Master Plan. “There’s a lot of interest and excitement about what this Facilities Master Plan can mean to the college and the community,” he said.

Heard President James M. Sunser report that Jamie L. Chappius has joined the College’s staff as Technical Assistant at the Medina Campus Center. Ms. Chappius, a resident of Albion, most recently served as a graduate assistant at the School of Nursing at the University at Buffalo. She holds B.A. and Ed.M. degrees from the University at Buffalo.

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