GCC's Sunday Courses Second Session Start Mid-March

Ideal for Busy Adults Juggling Work and Family Obligations

Batavia, New York —Genesee Community College continues its successful Sunday hybrid course schedule through the Spring 2012 semester with a second eight-week session starting March 19, 2012. For some busy adults, Sunday is the only day of the week free of work schedules, family commitments and other activities—allowing time to focus on college courses.

Hybrid courses are taught partially online and partially in the classroom and include coursework in the arts and humanities, English, history, science, math and business. The hybrid courses meet regularly in a lab or classroom for instruction, assessments or laboratories, and students also work online each week. There are three Sunday timeslots (9:00-11:45am, 12:00-2:45pm, and 3:00-5:45pm) providing busy adults the opportunity to complete several courses per semester in the Sunday hybrid format. There is still time to register.

Sunday Courses being offered at GCC/Batavia beginning on March 19, 2012 include:
•BUS110: Personal Money Management
•SPA101: Elementary Spanish 1
•MAT102: Algebra 2
•ART 103: Western Art History 1
•ENG102: Composition in the Natural and Social Sciences
•HIS102: World Civilizations 2

New students can apply for free online by going to: www.genesee.edu/admissions. For a comprehensive listing of all GCC’s class and scheduling options visit: www.genesee.edu/Options. For further information about Sunday courses or online learning, please contact Judith Littlejohn at 585-343-0055 x6158 or JMLittlejohn@genesee.edu.

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