GCC's New Creative Problem Solving Course Provides Competitive Edge

Batavia, New York – Through the ages, civilization has evolved from an agrarian society to the industrial revolution, while today’s Information Age is rapidly shifting to the Innovation Era.

Batavia, New York – Through the ages, civilization has evolved from an agrarian society to the industrial revolution, while today’s Information Age is rapidly shifting to the Innovation Era. Under Genesee Community College’s ongoing mission of prioritizing student success and giving them a competitive edge across all curriculum, the College’s new Creative Problem Solving course is set to enhance job security and long term economic stability in the Innovation Era.

The new course, CPS190: Creative Problem Solving is an elective and will be offered for the first time in February 2012. CPS190 is a 12-week, late start class running February 13 - May 12 at the Batavia Campus, and is open to students in all curriculum and academic programs.

Creative Problem Solving will focus on the interactive elements involved in deliberate creativity and innovation; specifically the creative person, the creative process, the creative product and the creative environment. Further emphasis on individual application for personal and professional growth will be developed throughout the course. The goal is to recognize, understand and nurture each student’s creative potential.

Students will utilize the creative problem solving (CPS) process through a prototype project. First, the CPS students identify and explore a difficult problem or challenge, and apply the CPS process toward a workable prototype solution. At the culmination of the course, students present their identified problem and challenge, and explain how the CPS process lead to their prototype resolution. An oral presentation is shared with their fellow students and other interested parties.

“Whether students wind up working in manufacturing, health care, business or the service industry, creative problem solving is a skill that all employers are seeking,” Lina LaMattina, director of Business Skills Training of The BEST Center said. “Both Business Week and Fortune magazines have proclaimed innovation is key to achieving a strategic advantage in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. Through CPS190, GCC students will develop new leadership skills, helping them navigate and thrive under all economic conditions. In the end, creative problem solving skills create better thinkers and citizens in the communities in which we live.”

While CPS190 is a new expression of GCC’s commitment to student success, the College is dedicated to integrating creativity across campus and promoting an atmosphere conducive to creative problem solving. Kicking off the New Year and the spring 2012 semester will be a keynote speaker from Buffalo State College’s International Center for Studies in Creativity. GCC will welcome Dr. Gerard Puccio, Chair of the Creative Studies Department, to speak on integrating creativity into education and the importance of embedding creativity across all curriculums. Dr. Puccio will speak to the College community on Thursday, January 12 after Dr. Sunser, President of GCC gives his state-of-the-college address at 9:00 AM.

In addition, this summer Genesee is planning a new creative problem solving two week summer experience specifically for young adults. “Innovation and creative energy will be the fun and fascinating focal point for middle school students this summer,” Ms. LaMattina said. “The Innovation Era is upon us and we hope to give young people every advantage to embrace the challenges ahead and energize their creativity.”

Students interested in this spring’s undergraduate three-credit CPS190 course are encouraged to register quickly since seats are limited. It will be taught by adjunct instructor, Michaelene Dawson and offered on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:25 to 3:15 p.m. at the Batavia Campus only. To apply for classes visit www.genesee.edu/Apply.

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