Board of Trustees Keeps Genesee Community College Tuition Flat for 2010-2011

Genesee Community College’s Board of Trustees voted on Monday evening to hold tuition at current rates for the 2010-2011 academic year. Trustees met at the Batavia Campus for their regular monthly meeting.

Genesee Community College’s Board of Trustees voted on Monday evening to hold tuition at current rates for the 2010-2011 academic year. Trustees met at the Batavia Campus for their regular monthly meeting.

Under the plan, tuition will remain $1,700 per semester (or $3,400 per year) for full-time students. Tuition for part-time students will remain $140 per credit hour. This is the second year that trustees have held the line on tuition. Trustees cited challenging economic conditions faced by students and families as the reason for the decision.

The flat tuition rate is part of the $34.191 million maintenance-of-effort budget approved by the Board for the 2010-2011 year. The new budget, 3% more than the 2009-2010 budget, keeps all College programs intact and permits the creation of new academic programs in Veterinary Technology and Polysomnographic Technology. The budget now goes to the Ways and Means Committee of the Genesee County Legislature, which will review the plan prior to consideration by the full Legislature. The Genesee County Legislature is the College’s sponsor.

Genesee County’s contribution to the College under the 2010-2011 budget would be $1.936 million, the same as the 2009-2010 contribution. The County’s contribution would account for 5.7% of the College’s operating budget, one of the most favorable sponsor contribution rates in New York State.

In other business this evening, the Board of Trustees:
Promoted thirteen faculty members, upon the recommendation of the Board’s Personnel Committee, effective with the 2010-2011 academic year. Rafael Alicea-Maldonado was named Professor of Chemistry, from Associate Professor; Maureen A. Leupold, Professor of Biology, from Associate Professor; and Mary C. Knappen, Professor of Mathematics, from Associate Professor. Garth P. Swanson was named Associate Professor of History, from Assistant Professor; Barbara A. Shine, Associate Professor of Business, from Assistant Professor; Cindy A. Francis, Associate Professor/Collection Development Librarian, from Assistant Professor; and Amy L. Slusser, Associate Professsor of Tourism Management, from Assistant Professor. Tong Cheng was named Assistant Professor of Biology and Biotechnology, from Instructor; Christopher J. Stercula, Assistant Professor of Respiratory Care, from Instructor; Lauren K. Paisley, Assistant Professor of Business, from Instructor; Ruth A. Gliss, Assistant Professor of Nursing, from Instructor; Susan E. Drexel, Assistant Professor of Sociology, from Instructor; and Maureen E. Dugan, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts and Ceramics, from Instructor.

Heard Personnel Committee Chair Melvin J. Wentland report that five members of the College’s faculty and staff will receive the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence this year. The Award recognizes SUNY faculty and staff members for extraordinary service and accomplishment. Honored from Genesee will be Marirose T. Ethington, Professor of Biology, Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service; Lauren K. Paisley, Instructor of Business, Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities; Cheryl A. Corke, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching; Anne R. Heale, Campus Center Associate (Arcade), Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service; and Berneda J. Scoins, Clerk-Typist (Humanities), Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Classified Service. Dr. Wentland also reported that three students have received the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Lori A. Mould, of Freedom; Aiwen Yang, Madrid, Spain; and Colleen McKay, Woodstock, Ontario.

Retained the accounting firm of Lumsden & McCormick, LLP, to serve as independent auditor for the College for a three-year term, upon the recommendation of the Board’s Finance Committee.

Approved the awarding of 605 degrees and certificates to Genesee students, subject to satisfactory completion of their studies. Eight students are expected to receive the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree; 272 students, the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree; 266 students, the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.); and 59 students, certificates.

Appointed 385 residents of the region as members of 25 program and community advisory committees for one-year terms. The advisory committees provide guidance to academic programs and campus centers on curriculum, internships, and employer needs.

Heard Board Chair Laurie J. Miller appoint a three-member Nominating Committee to consider candidates for board officer positions for the 2010-2011 year. Appointed to the Committee were Trustees Melvin J. Wentland, Laura J. Bohm, and Glenn R. Morton.

Heard Vice President for Finance and Operations Kevin P. Hamilton report that most of the athletic upgrade project is complete. Contractors will soon resurface the tennis courts, the last phase of the project. Mr. Hamilton also reported that work is proceeding at the first Med Tech Park building, and the College’s Nursing Program should be able to move in by July 1. Trustee Maureen T. Marshall said that the College was doing an “excellent” job maintaining and upgrading facilities, which will save money over the long run. “I’m really proud of GCC and the appearance of our campus,” she said.

Heard Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Virginia M. Taylor report that the College had received 3,288 applications from prospective full-time students as of April 30, up 22.4% from the 2,686 applications received exactly one year earlier. The College had received 270 applications from prospective part-time students, up 13% from the 239 applications received one year earlier.

Heard Director of Development and External Affairs Richard Ensman thank staff members and trustees who participated in the College’s “Identity Summit Day” May 3. College staff and trustees reviewed research data on community and student perceptions toward the College that day.

Heard Trustee Charles R. Ruffino comment on the Board’s visit to the Lima Campus Center last month. Mr. Ruffino said he was impressed with the construction and color scheme of the Center, located on Rochester Road, north of the village of Lima. Mr. Ruffino called the multidisciplinary science lab “spectacular” and praised Monica H. Mattioli, the Center’s dean. “She has great enthusiasm for working with the community and the community appears to have great enthusiasm in working with her,” Mr. Ruffino said.

Heard Trustees Marcia H. Noonan and Laura J. Bohm report on the first meeting of the College’s new Art Gallery Advisory Council, which met for the first time several weeks ago. Mrs. Noonan noted that the meeting was an “eye opener,” as she and other advisory council members discussed the intricacies of art storage, art object collections policies, and delivery of exhibits. “I was very impressed by the diversity and level of experience of the committee,” she told trustees. Mrs. Bohm was equally enthusiastic about the new advisory council and the expertise it will bring the College as plans for the new gallery move forward. “It’s great to see the ideas coming together,” she said.

Heard Trustee Melvin J. Wentland report on the regional “launch” of the SUNY Strategic Plan held at Monroe Community College April 27. Dr. Wentland credited SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher with a “tremendous presentation” and praised the presentations of two speakers at the event who were associated with Genesee: Jerry A. Kozlowski, Dean of the BEST Center at Genesee, and Steven G. Hyde (’82), CEO of the Genesee County Economic Development Center. Mr. Kozlowski and Mr. Hyde spoke about the role of SUNY campuses in promoting one of the chief goals of the SUNY strategic plan – economic development and entrepreneurial growth throughout New York State. Dr. Wentland noted that many of the initiatives outlined in SUNY’s strategic plan (available through, such as business training and development, partnerships with hospitals and health organizations, and outreach to the community are already commonplace at Genesee. “We’re ahead of the curve,” Dr. Wentland said.

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