Genesee Community College Employee Wins ‘Great Idea Award' for College Publication

Genesee Community College Business Office Financial Specialist Amy Masters was recently honored at the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) 2010 Student Financial Services Conference. The conference was held March 14-16, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. The Business Office’s publication of “The Stall Wall” earned Amy first place in the “Great Idea Contest”.

This was the first time the “Great Ideas Contest” was introduced at the annual conference. The contest is an opportunity for colleges and universities across the country to share ideas that may be useful to other institutions. The “Stall Wall”, a newsletter placed on the back of bathroom stalls that notifies students of financial aid deadlines and Business Office policies, was the first place winner. Amy was awarded a certificate along with two boxes of cookies from a local San Antonio bakery.

“Communication has been quite a challenge for many colleges,” Amy noted. “Although we send information to students through traditional mail and email, our communications tend to fall by the wayside. Students were overlooking some important dates and information relating to the semester. We needed to come up with a way to truly have a captive audience so that we could get this crucial information across.”

She wanted to communicate with students and discovered the only place on campus for a truly captive audience was the bathroom. As a result, she created “The Stall Wall,” a monthly publication by the Business Office that displays information on statements (bills), payment, financial aid, refunds and the SUNY Tuition Refund Policy. The first “Stall Wall” went up in August 2009. The Business Office received a lot of great feedback from staff, faculty and students. After a few months, Amy feared that students may lose interest in “The Stall Wall” because some of the information can be somewhat monotonous. In November of 2009, trivia was added to “The Stall Wall.”

“We thought that if we could get the students to read something interesting perhaps they would read something important,” Amy said. “The trivia was a hit! Many students, in reading the trivia, also read the important information. We have found “The Stall Wall” to be a friendly method of presenting essential information to students.”

Amy is a 2007 graduate of Elmira College and a native of Brimfield, Massachusetts. She now resides in Batavia, NY with her husband, Todd Masters. Other Genesee employees in attendance at the conference included Kathy Meloon- Bursar, Kristin Yunker- Controller and Kristin Webster- technical specialist for Financial Aid Retention.

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Editor’s Note:
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