Golf Spring Preview 2010

This season marks the return of a hopeful golf program which was just put back in place after it ended at Genesee in the 70’s. This seasons’ team will compete within the NJCAA Division III Region III. Head Coach Tom Tucker and assistant John McGowan look forward to leading their golf teams for the upcoming 2010 season.

The men’s team has brought in seven players that look promising to the program, which will only get better with experience. The team will look to their more dominant players to lead the team in their first season out. These players include Captain Matt Ferdinand (Rome, NY) and Mark DeCook (Castile, NY), who will both lead by example on and off the course, while teammate Jeff Marcy (Castile, NY) will bring former college experience and overall skill to the table. The team will also add depth to their lineup with Alex Muench (Darien, NY), Chris McDonald (Wayland, NY), Michael Estela (Kendall, NY), and Ryan Winchip (Fillmore, NY).

Unfortunately, Genesee was unable to fill a women’s team as only one player has joined the team for this initial season. That one player, Roberta Terbuska, will be very instrumental in helping bring other women to the golf program. “Roberta will be competing in individual women’s scoring competition since we didn’t get to field a full women’s team this season; recruiting will hopefully get us a few more players for the women’s team in 2011,” said Tucker.

“I think that I have three players that should be very competitive based on the scores that I’ve seen in my research for this level of competition, and I will need one or two more players to step it up during our schedule,” said head coach Tom Tucker.
With a fresh start and new beginning for this program here at Genesee, both the coaches and players are excited to see what the future brings in representing this college. The team's first match up will be April 10th at Broome Community College.