Genesee Community College Announces 12 Fully-Online Associate Degree Programs

 Genesee Community College students no longer have to live in proximity to the College’s seven locations in the Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming county (GLOW) region. In fact, students don’t even have to live in the United States to earn an associate’s degree from Genesee Community College. The College now has twelve SUNY accredited degrees offered entirely online. Degree-seeking students from around the state, country or the globe—with a computer, Internet access, English language skills and the ability to benefit from College level work, can now enjoy the GCC’s benefits of affordable tuition, great faculty, a flexible schedule and convenient study times. 

Earning an online degree is ideal for working adults and people with family or employment responsibilities, who may be prevented from attending traditional classroom-based college courses. Students enrolled in online courses and degrees have the flexibility of rich resources, active online discussions, taking tests, studying and submitting assignments at different times of the day or night. When flexibility, convenience and affordability are critical for student success, regardless of the student’s location, Genesee has solutions.

Genesee now offers four online Associate in Science degrees, three online Associate in Applied Science degrees, one online Associate in Arts degree, and four online certificate programs. Specifically these online degrees are:

  • Criminal Justice, AS
  • General Studies, AS
  • Business Administration, AS
  • Teacher Education Transfer, AS
  • Criminal Justice, AAS
  • Business Administration, AAS
  • Entrepreneurship, AAS
  • Liberal Arts- Humanities and Social Science, AA
  • Certificates in Criminal Justice, Teaching Assistant, Sales and Customer Service and General Education Certificate.

Furthering Genesee’s online degree opportunities is the recently implemented Pathways program with Empire State College. Under the program, Genesee students earn up to 83 Genesee credits Genesee toward an Empire State Bachelor’s degree - the equivalent of five semesters of GCC study. Students then enter Empire State’s program of individualized study for the balance of their baccalaureate education. Students can complete their studies at Empire through independent study, group study, supervised tutorials, and/or online studies—all guided by qualified professional mentors.

“Enrolling in a Genesee online degree program is one of the most cost-effective options available for earning a SUNY degree,” Robert Knipe, Dean of Learning Technologies at Genesee said. “An associate degree is the first step in earning a bachelor’s or higher degree. GCC has the resources and technologies to make those educational dreams a reality, when the student is learning-ready.”

Online degrees and courses are ideal for mature, self-motivated students who work well autonomously, can effectively budget their time, and set priorities independently. Genesee Community College carefully helps students appreciate this facet of online learning through careful advisement. An informal self assessment or quiz available on its website at:

“Earning a degree online is a life-changing opportunity, but each student needs to have the correct tools and temperament for the work required,” Knipe added. “We carefully guide students through the first steps to help ensure their success.”

To find out more about all the online degree opportunities through Genesee Community College visit or call (585) 345-6969.

For information on the Pathways Program with Empire State College visit