Genesee Community College Features Dual Art Exhibit of Wildlife Paintings and Glacial Stone Sculptures

Local Artists Len Rusin and George Graham will bring their creative talents to the Lobby Art Gallery at Genesee Community College with a dual art exhibit featuring wildlife paintings from America’s national parks and unique sculptures of glacial stones. The exhibit will run January 18 through February 22. An opening artist’s reception is scheduled for Thursday, January 28 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM.

Len Rusin’s inspiration to paint nature developed while backpacking through several northeastern states, Alaska, Florida, and Canada. Using his field notes, sketches and photographs during these excursions he captures the feeling of being a part of nature. His current exhibit, Wildlife Paintings from Acadia National Park and the Grand Canyon, is the result of his time spent as an ‘Artist in Residence’ in Maine’s Acadia National Park and his love of the scenic beauty of the Grand Canyon. Rusin’s paintings not only make an artistic statement, but also offer the viewer a visual clue of the natural world. His paintings are compositions that use light to bring life to his paintings. His paintings use sound principles of art combined with the elements of design to create his unique work.

Rusin recently retired after 34 years of teaching art in Niagara Falls, NY and is now a full time wildlife artist. Len's work can be seen at the Averill Gallery located at 424 Center Street, Lewiston, New York 14092. For more information visit

George Graham is a local sculptor of stone. His artistic journey of creativity began in 1975 and continues on. Graham creates symbols of the environment and has a fascination with prehistoric ice ages. This interest has led him to sculpt stones that were brought here by glaciers thousands of years ago. His current exhibit, Sculpted Glacial Gifts from the Past, reflects the rough shapes naturally sculpted by wind, water and ice, and serve as a starting point in creating his stone sculptures.

Exhibit is free and open to the public. The Lobby Art Gallery is housed inside the Stuart Steiner Theatre at the Batavia Campus and is open during normal academic hours. For further information, please contact Heather Jones at 585-343-0055 x6448, or at