Genesee's Dansville Campus Hosts Student Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner

Students at Genesee Community College’s Dansville Campus Center are celebrating Thanksgiving a few days early this year. On Tuesday, November 24 at 4:30 PM students will gather in the student lounge at the campus center to celebrate a Thanksgiving potluck dinner with fellow students and faculty.

Organized solely by the students, potluck dinners began in the spring 2009 semester and have been a huge success ever since. There were an abundance of students who were at the Center all day and brought their dinners with them to eat between classes. On some days, the student lounge evolved into a living and dining room and became almost like a family room. One of the students, Betty Button, noticed the amount of students eating dinner in the lounge every Wednesday night that she suggested the idea of a potluck dinner to Karen Bryant, an instructor at the Dansville Center. Karen liked the idea so they brought it up to Amy Churchfield, a Campus Center associate, who gave Betty the green light to organize a dinner.

There is an assortment of students involved and there is usually a sign-up sheet before each potluck dinner so students can write down what they are bringing and if they are planning to attend.

“I’m really proud of our students here at the Dansville Campus,” Amy Churchfield said. “They have taken the initiative to start this tradition on their own and each one expands and grows as more students become involved. The potluck dinners show what a great sense of community and friendship our students share here.”

The Dansville Campus Center of Genesee Community College is located at 9221 Robert Hart Drive, Dansville. For further information please contact Amy Churchfield at