Genesee Community College's Alumni Office Awarded $1000 SUNYCUAD Grant

The Alumni Office at Genesee Community College was recently awarded a $1000 grant from the State University of New York Council for University Advancement (SUNYCUAD) to develop an Alumni Career Network program at Genesee. Lead by alumni coordinator Jackie Christenson, the Alumni Office plans to have the inaugural program up and running in 2010.
The Alumni Career Network will be a career mentoring program to assist students with career planning and goal setting. The mentor program will match Genesee students with alumni who have similar academic interests, career goals, personal interests and hobbies for the purpose of encouraging, supporting, advising, and motivating. Alumni mentors will guide students in understanding their field of interest and sharing various levels of expertise.
Among the goals of the Alumni Career Network program is helping students develop professional, interpersonal and networking skills critical to their success, and also keeping students informed about career choices through consultations with alumni volunteer mentors. Mentoring can be done in person; through email or by phone; shadowing opportunities at a workplace, or a short or long-term internship. The key objective is to begin a small program to guide students toward being successful both academically and professionally, and in the future, build the network with more alumni and students in the years to come.
Students involved in the program can expect to develop a clearer understanding of their career choice, be comfortable with their choice, possibly make a career change and/or continue their education. Alumni mentors can expect to have the opportunity to share experiences and guide a student, grow personally and professionally and develop skills such as, listening, coaching, guiding, and teaching.
“We are very excited about developing the Alumni Career Network at Genesee,” alumni coordinator Jackie Christenson said. “Especially during tough economic times and ever-changing employment prospects, there is a real need for a mentoring program to connect our successful alumni and our current students who need career advisement. This is a perfect fit for our alumni and students.”
Alumni interested in volunteering in the Alumni Career Network program at Genesee Community College should contact Jackie Christenson at 585-343-0055 x6265 or at