Genesee Community College Hosts Genesee Region Teacher Center's Annual Grant Fair

The Genesee Region Teacher Center (GRTC) will hold its annual Grant Fair, Thursday, November 5, 2009 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the Forum at Genesee Community College. Over 50 mini-grants were awarded by the Center throughout the 2008-2009 school year, reported the Center's Director, Candace Bower. "This is an opportunity for classroom teachers to try innovative ideas in their classrooms that relate to state standards and help to raise students' assessments. These grants are available up to $500 per classroom and are offered to the more than 1800 educators who the Teacher Center oversees.” The grants, available to all educators within the consortium, have funded a dynamic blend of exciting projects that have involved truly innovative, cross-curriculum opportunities for students and teachers. Building Grants of up to $1000 are also available for schools in the GRTC consortium, of which Genesee Community College is a member.

This year, several additional GRTC sponsored presentations and workshops will complement the Grant Fair. Students from Pavilion Central School District, working under the guidance of Doug Hollinger and Jason Flint, will present their UV Water Purification Project at 6:00 PM in room T119B. As part of this project, students conducted research in the classroom and then traveled to Thailand to install solar-powered water purification systems. This presentation is immediately followed by an applied workshop on Differentiated Instruction at 6:30 PM in T102. Classroom teachers Nancy Stauber and Danielle Offhaus demonstrate how instruction can be modified to meet the unique needs of all students by focusing on and using their strengths to build success. Students and faculty interested in instructional technology may wish to participate in a workshop utilizing a state-of-the-art interactive response system. This assessment technology, in which students are given wireless clickers (similar to a remote control), allows teachers the ability to monitor and track learning on a more continuous basis.

Genesee’s Teacher Education Transfer Program coordinator, Christine Belongia, is the Center’s Higher Education Policy Board representative. According to Ms. Belongia, “Collaboration between Genesee and the Center has greatly enhanced the Teacher Education Transfer Program, as well as the Teaching Assistant Programs. Having the Grant Fair at the College affords my students and the faculty with an opportunity to network with PreK-12 master teachers and share ideas. The inclusion of workshops on best practices in education has only served to increase the value of this alliance.”

The Grant Fair and presentations are free and open to the public. Please call Candace Bower, GRTC Director, at 591-0400 x2103 for more information.