Genesee Community College Offers New Study Abroad Opportunities

Genesee Faculty to Lead Students in Tour of Amsterdam

Students at Genesee Community College will have the opportunity to travel the world while earning college credits this coming summer. Genesee has partnered with SUNY Brockport to develop a faculty-led study abroad program that will take students on a month-long cultural journey through Amsterdam, the Netherlands. An informational meeting for interested students is scheduled for October 8, 2009 at 1:00 PM in room E-218 at the Batavia Campus.

Genesee faculty members, Josephine Kearney and Heather Jones, will lead 20 students from Genesee and SUNY Brockport on a study tour to document culture through photography, writing, group discussion and experiential observations. The study abroad tour will include six academic credits for two courses, Social Problems and Issues—Documenting Dutch Culture and Society and Digital Photography.

Josephine Kearney is a Fulbright Scholar, has an M.A. in Sociology, teaches Social Sciences full-time at Genesee Community College, and she travels the world with the sharp eye of an accomplished photographer. Her most recent adventure was to China and Tibet. Heather Jones is a full-time instructor at Genesee Community College and has an M.F.A. As professional artist, she has traveled extensively in Europe and she also is the owner/creative director of a publishing service business.

The first course, Social Problems and Issues—Documenting Dutch Culture and Society, taught by Josephine Kearney, will be on-site experiential learning designed to explore culture and society in both an urban and rural context. The course will consist of a series of tours, visits, presentations, group discussions, writing and experiential observations. Students will document and create visual/written journals that will be showcased upon completion of study and travel.

In the second course, Digital Photography, taught by Heather Jones, students will learn how to take successful photographs, technical use of the digital camera, and creative ways to use the camera in documentary photography. Students will travel through the Netherlands as they explore many artistic, cultural, and historical venues that will give them insight into Dutch culture and society. Students will participate in a Gallery Exhibit upon return to the United States, showcasing their observations and insights into Dutch society.

The study abroad tour will take place from May 28 - June 18 in the Netherlands and June 22-25 at Genesee Community College in Batavia. The four days of de-briefing at Genesee will be an opportunity for students to organize their visual and written journals along with their photography for their final gallery exhibition.

“This cultural tour of the Netherlands is a fantastic opportunity for Genesee students to study abroad, travel Europe, and earn college credit,” Heather Jones said. “Not only will students learn about the diverse culture of the Netherlands, but students will also have a wonderful portfolio of visual and written memories from the trip that will last them a lifetime.”

Highlights from the trip include a visit to the Ann Frank House/Museum, a tour of the National Art Museum, tour of the Van Gogh Museum, visit to The Hague (Dutch Parliament and Court), and various bicycling and boat tours.

The cost for the program is $2950 and includes tuition, housing, program acceptance fee, pre-departure materials, advisement and counseling as well as some local travel expenses while in Amsterdam and some meals. Airfare, health insurance, passport fees, text books, additional meals and personal expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Interested students and their parents or guardians are encouraged to attend the information session on October 8 at the Batavia Campus. Students must fill out an application as well as a Study Statement and provide two letters of recommendation.

Applications can be found at .

For further information please visit or contact Heather Jones at 585-343-0055 x6448 or Josephine Kearney at 585-343-0055 x6344.