Genesee Community College Prepares for Fall Semester with Many Financial Aid Opportunities

The fall semester at Genesee Community College is quickly approaching and students are taking full advantage of financial aid opportunities. As economic times get tougher, it is imperative for all students to be able to apply for and receive financial aid. The Federal government has recently launched a campaign to encourage people to attend higher education institutions, especially community colleges, and is now informing current and prospective students of the financial aid opportunities that they may not be aware of.

A letter from Jill Biden, who is the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, was sent to Genesee president Stuart Steiner, outlining financial aid opportunities. As an instructor at a community college, Jill Biden is helping to spread the word about financial aid for people who have suffered during the current economy. Her letter highlights financial aid opportunities that many students may be unaware of, including:
  • Students or family members of students who have had a change in financial circumstances and are collecting unemployment insurance may have their financial aid adjusted in order to help finance the cost of higher education.
  • Pell Grants and Federal student loans are available for tuition and books, but also can be used for the costs associated with transportation and living expenses that help students attend their classes.
  • Students may have their incomes adjusted to zero for financial aid purposes if they are now receiving unemployment insurance.
In the previous year, Genesee Community College awarded over $16 million dollars in financial aid through a variety of programs including federal Pell Grants, New York State TAP fund, fiscal loans, and numerous College scholarship programs. Approximately 84% of Genesee’s students receive some form of financial aid. To receive more information, or to apply for Federal Student Aid, visit

“Last year, students at Genesee received $19 million in financial aid,” Joseph Bailey, director of Financial Aid at Genesee said. “There is money available, and we hope we can reach students of all ages and backgrounds to let them know that college is more affordable than they think.”

The fall 2009 semester starts on August 24, at all Genesee Community College campuses, with the exception of the new Lima Campus Center, which will start classes on September 21.

For further information, please contact Genesee’s Financial Aid office at 585-345-6900 or at