Genesee Community College's Performing Art Experience Presents: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Genesee Community College’s Performing Art Experience Presents: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Students in the 2009 Performing Arts Experience at Genesee Community College, a summer theatre workshop for area youth, are putting the finishing touches on their latest and most elaborate theatrical production to date. This three week long theatre camp will conclude with grand finale live performances of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, on Friday, July 24 at 7:00 pm and Saturday, July 25 at 2:00 pm.

This is the fourth year for the Performing Arts Experience and it is a virtual “Theatre Boot Camp.” Campers have extended themselves to learn the process involved in creating an intricate theatrical production. In addition to learning the skills, dances and lines, campers also learn self discipline in order to run and execute a successful show. An important part of this workshop is teaching “ensemble” philosophy, where everyone works together and no one single person or character in the show is more important than the rest.

For the past three years, the camp hours were 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, but because of the difficulty, participants and parents have been willing to put in two extra hours a day to make the grand finale successful. Also included in the program is the technical side of theatre. Participants have learned and will perform the duties of lights, sound, props, and crew to produce this family-friendly production.

This year’s Performing Arts Experience at Genesee has attracted 22 youth, ages 8-16, from all across Western New York. Participants in the production this year include the following:
  • Darryl Briggs -Warsaw, NY (SHROEDER role)
  • Kelli Dumuhosky - Batavia, NY
  • Hannah Erny -  Warsaw, NY
  • Madeline Fournier- Albion, NY
  • Claire Gardner - Varysburg, NY
  • Ian Gayford- Warsaw, NY
  • Margaret Gayford- Warsaw, NY (LUCY role)
  • Catherine Gilman- Brockport, NY
  • Emily Hendrickson - LeRoy, NY
  • Spencer Hubbard - Batavia, NY (LINUS role)
  • Peter Kehl - Bliss, NY (CHARLIE BROWN role)
  • Daniel King-Sobresky - Batavia, NY
  • Michal Lullo - Batavia, NY (WOODSTOCK role)
  • Riley Norton - Batavia, NY
  • Shea Norton - Batavia, NY
  • Samantha Platek - LeRoy, NY
  • Sara Platek - LeRoy, NY
  • Megan Popham - Perry, NY
  • Tyra Smith - Elba, NY
  • Meryl Wakefield- Warsaw, NY
  • Alixandra Young - Batavia, NY (SALLY role)
  • Lauren Young - Batavia, NY
(Rob Reiss, SNOOPY, second year Theatre Major at Genesee, Batavia, NY)
“This show is our most difficult to date, because we are doing the full length version of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This is a two act play and would usually take a cast of older actors five to six weeks to rehearse and open,” said Maryanne Arena, Director of Fine and Performing Arts at Genesee. “We are all so proud of the campers because they have successfully learned all lines, songs, and dances in only three weeks!”

General admission tickets for You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown are available at the summer special price of only $5.00 each. Seats are limited, so advance reservations are encouraged. For ticket reservations or additional performance information, contact the Box Office at (585) 343-0055 x6814 or by email to