Genesee Advanced Studies Program Brings Out the Best in Area's Students

The Outstanding Scholar Awards ceremony of the Advanced Studies program at Genesee Community College will be held on Wednesday, June 3, in the Stuart Steiner Theatre at 7:00 PM, bringing together some of the best and brightest young adults in the area.

Advanced Studies is part of the College’s ACE program, or Accelerated College Enrollment, and allows high school students the opportunity to earn college credit from Genesee while attending class within their high school. High school teachers approved as Genesee adjunct faculty teach all Advanced Studies courses. Some of the most enterprising young students earn enough transferable Advanced Studies credit to enter their first year of college as sophomores.

This year’s awards ceremony will feature an opportunity for Advanced Studies students to partake in a survey to get feedback and testimonials that will be featured on Genesee’s new Advanced Studies web page. Photos will also be taken at the ceremony to be used on the new web page.

“The Advanced Studies program is a great option for high school juniors and seniors who want to experience college level courses before they enter college,” Ed Levinstein, Associate Dean of the ACE Program said. “High school students also save a great deal of tuition costs when they enroll in the Advanced Studies program.”

The 79 students were selected as semi-finalists in the five subject areas of mathematics, science, social science, foreign language, and English. A committee of academic professionals from Genesee Community College will be selecting the finalists this month and announcing them at the June 3 reception.

The following students were selected as semi-finalists, and are listed by subject area and local school district.

Allegany County
Belfast High School / English – Catherine Shafer

Cattaraugus County
Pioneer High School / Math – Lucas Haskell

Erie County
Alden High School / Foreign Language – Cari Aldinger
Alden High School / Social Sciences – Joseph Osucha III
Alden High School / Math – Ashlee Evertt
Alden High School / Science – Jessica Dustin
Springville-Griffith Institute / Foreign Language – Justin Zwolski

Genesee County
Alexander High School / Foreign Language – Jessica Reisdorf
Batavia High School / English – Karissa Guiste
Batavia High School / Social Sciences – Andrew Stich
Batavia High School / Math – Adam Pettinella
Batavia High School / Foreign Language – Richard DelPlato
Byron-Bergen High School / Foreign Language – Bethany Salvia
Byron-Bergen High School / Math – Kaley Johnson
Elba High School / Math – Maxwell Torrey
Elba High School / Science – Maxwell Torrey
Notre Dame / Science – Joy Snyder
Notre Dame/ Social Sciences – Elizabeth Fischer
Notre Dame / Math – Elizabeth Fischer
Notre Dame / English – Kevin Schildwaster
Oakfield-Alabama High School / Foreign Language – Casey Boyle
Oakfield-Alabama High School / Math – Erin Crossen
Oakfield-Alabama High School / Science – Jonathan Harris
Oakfield-Alabama High School / Social Sciences – Jonathan Harris

Livingston County

Cal-Mum High School / Science – Christina Harmon
Cal-Mum High School / Social Sciences – Brittney Martin
Cal-Mum High School / Math – Christina Harmon
Dansville High School / Social Sciences – Ashley Amidon
Dansville High School / Math – Ashley Amidon
Geneseo High School / Science – Amber Durkee
Geneseo High School / Foreign Language – Amber Durkee
Geneseo High School / Math – Amber Durkee
Keshequa High School / English – Brian Gordinier
Keshequa High School / Social Sciences – Sarah Gray
Keshequa High School / Math – Jeffrey Steidle
Lima Christian High School / Science – Darius Cox
Lima Christian High School / English – Miriam Arnold
Lima Christian High School / Social Sciences – Julia Heen
Lima Christian High School / Math – Darius Cox
Livonia High School / Math – Michael Terry
Mt. Morris High School / Math – Rebecca Weitzel
York High School / Science – Christina Gallo
York High School / Math – David Herdzik
York High School / Foreign Language – Shane Kellogg

Monroe County

Gates Chili High School / English – Mackenzie Zimmerman
Hilton High School / Math – Nicole Lupinetti
Monroe High School / Science – Yeliam Martinez
Northstar Christian High School / Social Sciences – Stacy Wicks

Niagara County

Barker High School / Social Sciences – Mark Prunella-Miller
Newfane High School / Social Sciences – Ronald Malone

Orleans County
Albion High School / Science - Rebecca Weller
Albion High School / English – Kathleen Adduci
Holley High School / English - Jenny Rae Siplo
Holley High School / Foreign Language - Jenny Rae Siplo
Holley High School / Social Sciences – Kaci Schiavone
Holley High School / Math – Devon Jedamski
Holley High School / Science – Kathryn Des Jardin
Kendall High School / English – Brittani Reis
Kendall High School / Math – Chelsea Courtenay
Kendall High School / Foreign Language – Zachary Vick
Lyndonville High School / English – Kelsey Lonigan
Lyndonville High School / Math – Rebekah Feller
Medina High School / Science – Brian Wetherbee
Medina High School / Math – Clark Squires

Steuben County
Wayland-Cohocton High School / English – Abigail Decker
Wayland-Cohocton High School / Math – Brett Schneider

Wyoming County

Attica High School / Science – Kelly Metz
Attica High School / Foreign Language – Jaclyn Kotula
Attica High School / Math – Kelly Metz
Letchworth High School / Science – Jason Lowden
Letchworth High School / Math – Jason Lowden
Letchworth High School / Math – Christine Bub
Letchworth High School / English – Christine Bub
Letchworth High School / Social Sciences – Jason Lowden
Perry High School / Science – Wesley Cox
Perry High School / Foreign Language – Lindsay Delski
Perry High School / Social Sciences – Shaun Coller
Warsaw High School / Science – Michael Bayer
Warsaw High School / Math – Michael Bayer

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