American Bar Association Re-Approves Genesee Community College's Paralegal Program

The American Bar Association House of Delegates has re-approved Genesee Community College’s Paralegal program for a seven-year period, Associate Vice President/Dean of Math, Science and Career Education Michael S. Stoll reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening.

Approval came after an intensive review of the program’s curricula, internship program, and student success. The approval process began in 2006 with faculty members developing a comprehensive “self-study” of the program. An ABA examiner then reviewed the self-study, and an approval team visited Genesee and conducted rigorous interviews with Genesee faculty, staff, and students.

This is the third approval of the program since it began 15 years ago.

ABA approval signifies to students and the general public that the Paralegal program meets high academic standards, and that students are well-prepared for paralegal positions, Dean Stoll told trustees.

Genesee’s Paralegal program prepares students to work as legal assistants in a variety of fields. Paralegals provide research, case preparation, and management assistance to attorneys. They also work in the banking, real estate, and insurance fields.

Genesee’s Paralegal program can be completed with two years of full time studies. In addition to a variety of general studies courses, students complete courses in such fields as tort law, civil litigation, legal research and writing, real estate law, trusts and estates, and family law.