Genesee Community College Features Immense Student Art Exhibit in Lobby Art Gallery

The talents of many Genesee student artists take center stage with the Genesee Community College Fine Arts Student Exhibition. This exhibit will be on display in the lobby art gallery of the Stuart Steiner Theatre at the Batavia campus from February 24 until March 24, 2009. This massive exhibit features over 100 pieces of sculpture, ceramics, paintings, drawings, photography and design projects, highlighting student works (both art and non-art majors) at Genesee.

There is a wide arrangement of works of art from 10 different art classes taught by four different faculty members. Included in the exhibit are works from: Drawing I and II, Painting I and II, and Digital Photography all taught by Heather Jones; 2D Design taught by Melissa Newcomb; Ceramics I and II and 3D Design taught by Moi Dugan; and Photography taught by Robert Cooper.

Art work submitted from Drawing I and II display various pencil drawings, portraits, and negative and positive space projects. The 2D Design classes offer pieces detailing elements such as texture, balance, color, line and emphasis. Plaster, paper and cardboard sculptures adorn the gallery from the 3D design class. The glass display cases are filled with unique and intricate ceramic pieces from the Ceramics I and II classes. Rounding out the immense student exhibit is an assortment of photographs from the photography classes depicting people, places and artistic interpretations.

“We really have some talented students at Genesee,” Heather Jones, instructor of Fine Arts at Genesee said. “The students have really shown the depths of their creativity and ability. This year’s student exhibit is also one of largest showings we’ve had. Both art and non-art majors have brought their best works to be displayed.”

Students involved in the Fine Arts Exhibit are: Abrianna Adler, Susan Alessi, Alyssa Almete, Janet Arney, Peter Badami, Stacie Ball, Adaline Ballord, Christina Barnes, Rebecca Batt, Corey Bennett, Philip Berggren, Sierra Biegasiewioz, Krystal Skye Brisson, Karen Bryant, Jennifer Byrgett, Justin Calmes, Emille Carducci, Hoemi Chin, Grant Claypool, Briana Coogan-Bassett, Carrie Crawford, Joan Dalba, McKenzie D'Angelo, Megan Dembinski, Alicia Derefinko, Marcus Dixon, Chris Douglas, Mary Dukes, Holly Gardner, Jessica Gates, Andy Gibbs, Heather Gleason, Erin R. Guest, Markus Hall, Brittney Helsdon, Heather Hildebrant, Nate Hillabush, Dawn Holbrook, Danielle Hoskins, Jillian Hunt, Haruka Inove, Jamila Jordan, Annalis Kaminski, Casandra Kelsey, Brittany Kessler, Gary King, Ashley Kingsley, Susan Kinney, Heather Klimeck, Weiling Lazik, Heather Magrid, Jeanette Menzie, Carl Militello, Phil Mordenga, Lori Mould, Michael Moultrup, Mariko Nomura, Julie O'Connor, Gustavo Otera, Calvin Patrick, Nicole Pierce, Megan Reckahn, Libby Rennard, Amanda Ripton, Carrie Riter, William Rupp, Ellen Saile, Lynette Schunacher, Greg Scoins, Samantha Seewaldt, Maria Seewaldt, Kaely Shepard, Gwendolen Shepard, Julie Shuaffer, Timothy Sisson, Howen Smart, Haven Smart, Aquantis Smith, Leslie Statt, Lori Stellrecht, Kelly Stone, Carolyn Stroka, Michelle Taylor, Cory Thomas, Kelsey Trybushyn, Anne Vandenbosch, Rachel Wall, Kevin Wallace, Natalie Welch, Mary Jo Whitman, Elizabeth Woodruff, Martha Zuber, and Lydia Zwierzynski.

The Fine Arts Student Exhibit is free and open to the public. For further information, please contact Heather Jones at 585-343-0055 x6448 or at