Record Setting Number of Classes Using ‘A Tale For Three Counties' Book in Classrooms at Genesee

Genesee Community College is proud to announce that 19 classes have integrated A Tale for Three Counties reading initiative program into their classrooms. The 2009 program features the novel, Separate from the World: An Ohio Amish Mystery by P.L. Gaus and has been read by over 300 Genesee students. A ‘Meet the Author’ presentation and book signing is scheduled for Thursday, March 12 at 1:00 PM in Room T102 at Genesee’s Batavia campus.

A Tale for Three Counties community reading initiative was organized in 2003 by librarians in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties, as well as with other interested partners, including Genesee Valley BOCES School Library System and the Daily News. The goal of A Tale for Three Counties is to encourage reading among area adults and teenagers and to develop interest and discussion groups for works of fiction that focus on rural family themes, local history, or other related topics and issues.

A wide range of subjects have incorporated the book into their lesson plans at the College. Six subject areas are represented, including: Reading, English, Sociology, Human Relations, Biology and The First Year Experience (FYE). Students at the Batavia Campus, many Campus Centers, and high school students in Genesee’s ACE program are taking part in this collaborative reading initiative. Students participating in the reading program were given the book free of charge with funding from a grant through Genesee’s Foundation and Student Activities.

Separate from the World
is a story of a rift between two Amish factions, one that favors the use of medicine and that participates in a college study of genetic traits particular to the Amish community, and the other that rejects any outside influence. P. L. Gaus takes the reader inside a separate culture and, in a manner both gentle and grim, highlights the complex relationship of the Amish and the “English” as they live inside or outside each other’s orbits.

Students, faculty and community members are invited to participate in various book discussions preceding the ‘Meet the Author’ presentation, on Monday, March 9 at 7:00 PM in the Library at Genesee and Tuesday, March 10 at 12:30 PM in room S103 in the Student Union. The book discussions and author presentation are part of 18 different discussions held at 15 community libraries through A Tale for Three Counties area-wide reading program. Amish inspired refreshments will be available at discussions, and at the author’s presentation and book signing.

“This really is a record- setting year for this reading initiative at Genesee,” Sue Chiddy, co-chair of the Genesee committee said. “This novel is an excellent piece for discussion in an academic setting because it touches on so many compelling topics. From bio-genetic issues to sociological dialogue on communal living, the students here are engaging in interesting and thought-provoking discussion.”

For more information on A Tale for Three Counties community reading program, visit or contact committee chair person Leslie Delooze at 585-343-9550 Ext.8.

The ‘Meet the Author’ presentation, book sale and signing event at Genesee are free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Genesee Community College’s A Tale for Three Counties co-chairpersons Michele Asmus or Sue Chiddy at 585-343-0055 Ext. 6256.