Operation Paperback: Genesee Students Collect Books for the U.S. Troops

Initiative Thanks Overseas Service Men and Women
When second year student and resident assistant (RA), Tom Maniace wanted a final project to fulfill his RA program requirement, he stumbled upon Operation Paperback. He wanted a way to send books to the military personnel serving overseas and wanted the college community to assist him in the formidable task. He has put his plan into motion and a college-wide paperback book collection has started and will run until March 31. Under Tom’s leadership, College Village and Student Activities are sponsoring the initiative by funding the shipment of books. A minimum goal of 500 paperbacks has been set. The general public is encouraged to participate.

Collection boxes are available in Student Activities and in Village Hall at College Village. Paperback books are the only items being collected at this time. Hard covers, magazines and other periodicals will not be accepted. Suggested genres to be donated are action/adventure, biographies, mystery, science fiction, suspense/thrillers, westerns, horror, history, classics, best sellers, romance and true crime.

Students and faculty are also encouraged to include a general short “thank you” or encouragement card or note with their donation. “Even if students don’t have any books to donate, they can always write a short note to send with the books to our troops,” Tom said. “Students can also go home on their spring breaks and bring back books from home, which they may have or their family members may have and are willing to donate.”

Operation Paperback collects gently used paperback books and sends them to American troops deployed overseas. Since 1999, they have shipped over 800,000 books to locations around the globe. Operation Paperback works with volunteer groups to provide them with addresses of military groups overseas. Every week Operation Paperback receives thanks from troops who are glad to be appreciated and remembered. For more information, visit www.operationpaperback.org.

For further information or to donate paperback books, please contact Student Activities at 585-343-0055 x6261 or College Village at 585-343-0163.