Xerox Foundation Supports Innovative Activities at Genesee

Genesee Community College and the Xerox Foundation have successfully combined their efforts to fund and support the President’s Innovation Award (PIA) program. The President’s Innovation Award provides funding for innovative activities and projects that promote community involvement in the life of the College, stimulate student and community pride in the College, and help establish pilot programs or initiatives with the potential for positive, long-term impact on the College. The Xerox Foundation was supportive of the PIA concept and gave $5,000 in support of the award program this year.

One of the recipients of the award was the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO Club) in the development of their SCHOLARS brand project. The project began two years ago to produce and market a gourmet food product that would provide practical, hands-on business and entrepreneurial learning opportunities for the students. The club developed and now markets SCHOLARS brand Apple Cider Syrup; an apple pie flavored syrup used over pancakes, waffles, French toast, pork recipes and even ice cream. Profits from the syrup sales will be put back into the program, as well as used to fund student scholarships. SCHOLARS Apple Cider Syrup is available in Genesee Community College’s book store or contact the CEO Club at

Other PIA projects in progress this year are: Student Story Corps Project, Shushing 21st Century Style, Genesee Community College’s Formal Exploration of the Educational Uses of Second Life, and Cougar Pride Day.

For information on PIA projects, or for financial support of Genesee Community College Foundation programs, please contact

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Genesee Community College: Tim Garlock of Batavia, (middle) Xerox Sales Representative, was thanked for the financial support from the Xerox Foundation for Genesee’s PIA programs by Tyler Moroz, (left) second year business administration student and CEO Club president, along with Barbara Shine, (right) assistant professor of business.