Genesee Community College Serves 2,751 High School Students Through ACE Program

During the 2007-2008 academic year, Genesee Community College served 2,751 high school students through its Accelerated College Enrollment programs, Associate Dean Edward Levinstein reported to the Board of Trustees this evening. These students attended Genesee Community College courses offered in their high schools, on campus, and through learning academies offered at other locations.

The average ACE student completed 7.3 credit hours last year, Dean Levinstein said. This completion rate translates into hundreds of dollars in savings for each family – and millions of dollars in cumulative savings across the region. For example, the average credit hour cost in SUNY baccalaureate colleges is about $200 per credit hour, Mr. Levinstein noted. Last year’s ACE students would collectively save about $3 million were they to enroll in SUNY baccalaureate colleges. Credit hour costs in private colleges and universities are even higher, typically $600 or more per credit hour. If all ACE students were to enroll in private colleges, the collective savings would be about $11.2 million.

While the financial benefits to students and families are significant, the most powerful benefits of the program are educational, Dean Levinstein told trustees. ACE students are “gaining time,” he said.“ Degrees that have been traditionally thought of as ‘two-year’ or ‘four-year’ are actually taking students much longer to complete,” he said. “By starting in high school, students have a better chance to earn their college degree on time. In some cases, this early start on their college education improves their chances of graduating at all. Research has shown that dual enrollment courses increase the confidence level in many students who at first did not see themselves as ‘college material’.