Genesee Community College tuition for full-time students will increase $50 per semester during the 2008-2009 year under a new $30.81 million budget adopted by the Board of Trustees Monday evening. The budget will next be considered by the Genesee County Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee, then by the full Legislature, and finally by the State University of New York Board of Trustees.

The budget, which would become effective September 1, is up 4.45% from the $29.50 million 2007-2008 budget. The budget includes:

• A $1,700 per semester tuition rate for full-time students, up from $1,650 per semester. About 70% of full-time students receive PELL and TAP financial assistance, which can help students cover the increase. Tuition for part-time students will increase by $4 per credit hour, to $140 per credit hour.

• Four new faculty positions, one in sociology, one in psychology, and two in nursing. The nursing positions, which would become effective in January 2009, will support the College’s expanded nursing program.

• A proposed $50,000 increase in support, from $1,836,374 to $1,886,374 from Genesee County, sponsor of the College. Genesee County support would be 6.1% of the total operating budget, the lowest percentage of support in the history of the College. Genesee County’s sponsor support during 2006-2007 was $966 per full-time-equivalent student, the lowest sponsor support ratio of any of SUNY’s 30 community colleges.

• State aid of $11.13 million. Despite the urging of community college officials and many state legislators, the New York State budget makes no provision for increased state aid.

The budget ensures that Genesee will maintain program excellence and affordability, President Stuart Steiner told trustees. “Our commitment is to provide extraordinary education to our students, and to do so as cost-effectively as possible,” Dr. Steiner said. “For well over a quarter-century, we have maintained operating costs lower than those of our peers, yet we have developed a reputation across New York State and beyond for excellence and innovation.”

Dr. Steiner also noted that Genesee Community College students pay few fees in addition to tuition. Students pay a College fee for student activities, a technology fee, and an insurance fee. At other colleges, fees for lab use, registration, parking, and other services are common.

In other business this evening, the Board of Trustees:

• Adopted a technical change to the College’s Smoking Policy, prohibiting smoking within 50 feet of any entrance or exit. The revision clarifies the existing policy, which refers only to the main entrance.

• Approved nine faculty promotions. Rebecca Tallo was named Professor of Mathematics, from Associate Professor; Jeannie Burdick, Associate Professor/Counselor in the Center for Academic Progress, from Assistant Professor; Ronald Jacobs, Associate Professor of Respiratory Care, from Assistant Professor; Shawn Krest, Associate Professor of Mathematics/Computer Information Systems, from Assistant Professor; Mary Macdonald, Associate Professor of Nursing, from Assistant Professor; Marjorie Blondell, Assistant Professor of Nursing, from Instructor; Amy Bowles, Assistant Professor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, from Instructor; Cindy Francis, Assistant Professor/Librarian, from Instructor; Barbara Shine, Assistant Professor of Business, from Instructor.

• Approved the renaming of the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Web Development to Web Design. The Web Development certificate will also be renamed Web Design. The changes were recommended by the program’s community advisory committee.

• Approved the granting of 514 degrees and certificates this month, subject to students’ satisfactorily completing their academic requirements. The College expects to award eleven Associate in Arts (A.A.) degrees; 222 Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees; 250 Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees; and 31 certificates.

• Heard Board Chair Marcia Noonan appoint trustees Melvin Wentland, Glenn Morton, and Kenneth Dodd to the Nominating Committee. The Committee will present a proposed slate of Board of Trustees officers at the Board’s annual meeting in July.

• Heard Dr. Steiner report that Valerie Pawlowski will join the faculty this fall as Instructor of Communications and Media Arts. Ms. Pawlowski has served as an adjunct faculty member at Medaille College and the University of Buffalo, and has extensive industry experience in multimedia and broadcasting. She holds a B.S. degree from Medaille College and a M.A. degree from the University at Buffalo. She also anticipates receiving a M.F.A. degree from the University at Buffalo in January 2009.

• Heard Dr. Steiner report that Christopher Caputi has been named Instructor/Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education with the College’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Mr. Caputi has taught at Genesee Community College and D’Youville College. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from D’Youville.

• Heard Dr. Steiner report that Andrew Kloc has been named Systems and Electronic Services Librarian. He has been serving in that role on a temporary basis since last December. Mr. Kloc worked in the insurance industry and as a legal assistant before becoming a librarian. He holds a B.A. degree from Colgate University and a M.L.S. degree from the University at Buffalo.
• Heard Dr. Virginia Taylor, Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services, report that 2,502 individuals had applied for admissions as full time students in the Fall 2008 semester as of May 9, up 1% from the 2,485 students who had applied exactly one year before.

• Heard Mary Jane Heider, Director of Academic Support Services, report that 543 individuals, including a large number of vendors, have already registered for the Conference on Instructional Technology to be held in two weeks at Genesee’s Batavia Campus. The Conference is a statewide gathering of SUNY information technology professionals, and includes 120 different educational sessions. More than 600 participants are expected.