Genesee Community College Employees and Students Set a New United Way Campaign Record

The Genesee Community College United Way campaign set a new record this year raising $15,283 from 122 College faculty, staff and students during their 2008 United Way Campaign.

“I am proud of the efforts of this year’s campaign committee and I am elated by the generosity of the students, the faculty and the staff here at Genesee Community College,” said Gina Regensburger, Director of Human Resources and Chair of the Genesee Community College United Way Committee.

Through a series of presentations at departmental meetings, each College faculty and staff member learned about a wide array of local service agencies—many of which serve the College’s students and employees. A United Way video highlighted the organization’s many essential services provided to the community. United Way representatives, along with agency personnel supported by the United Way, were present at the meetings.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with the GCC Campaign Committee,” said Lori Stupp, United Way Regional Director. “They have been so motivated and dedicated in achieving their Campaign Goal. This group did a fantastic job and is really committed to giving back to our communities.”

Genesee students were also part of the fundraising effort, organizing several activities to contribute toward the United Way campaign. Through a series of events that included bake sales, photos with the Easter Bunny, Wii tournaments, and rice bowls made by international students from JCFL, the students raised $500 toward the campaign.

“We were happy to support the United Way campaign at Genesee,” said Mandy Krol, a second year student who will graduate in May with a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. “It was great to see students from a variety of majors, clubs, and even different countries pitching in to help support the fundraising effort."

For further information on Genesee Community College’s 2008 United Way Campaign, please call Gina Regensburger at 585-343-0055 x 6514. 

Editor’s Note: A photograph of the United Way 2008 Committee is available by going to: United Way Committee photo.jpg

Front (L to R): Mtzuho Tsubot, Chisato Yomoda, Keiko Urayama, Haruha Miyauchi, Mandy Krol and Aki Maeda.

Middle (L to R): Gina Regensburger, Committee Chair, Azusa Moriya, Barb Shine, Tashanda Gerald, Lori Stupp – United Way, Patty Hume, Alice Weather.

Top: (L to R): John McGowan, Bob Knipe, Dick Tiede, Connie Boyd and Anne Feary.