Genesee Community College Announces April Employee of the Month

Genesee Community College is pleased to name Vicky Aubert Employee of the Month for April 2008. Vicky, who serves as Campus Center Associate at Genesee Community College’s Warsaw campus, is being recognized for her high level of service to students.

Vicky has been working at Genesee for nearly eight years. Before that, she attended Genesee as a full-time student and holds an AAS degree in Human Services, as well as certificates in Gerontology and Early Childhood from the college.

In her role as Campus Center Associate at the Warsaw campus, Vicky’s duties include recruiting and retaining students and serving as an academic advisor. Vicky often searches out opportunities to advance her skills in subjects related to advisement and technology; she willingly shares information she has learned with the Warsaw staff. Vicky regularly comes up with new ideas to improve the College’s processes and help move to the next level of service to the community.

Vicky and her husband, Mark, are residents of Silver Springs, NY. They have a son, Ryan, and a daughter, Amanda.

“I love working with students, family members, and friends within the community where I live,” Vicky said. “The respectful and professional staff and faculty make Genesee Community College the ultimate work location!”