All Area June '08 High School Graduates to Receive Summer Tuition Scholarship

Students who graduate from high schools this June in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming counties will receive scholarships for tuition for one or two courses at Genesee Community College this summer under The Genesee Promise Plus, a new initiative approved by the College’s Board of Trustees Monday evening.

Under The Genesee Promise Plus, students about to graduate from area high schools simply need to complete an application for study, a request for the Genesee Promise Plus scholarship, and submit a residency form to qualify. High school students already registered for Genesee Community College courses only need to complete the scholarship request and furnish the residency form. The request, once signed by a school counselor, then entitles the student to a scholarship which may be used at the Batavia Campus, any of Genesee’s six campus centers, or for distance learning courses. The academic credits students earn during the summer can then be used toward a Genesee Community College degree, or transferred to virtually any other college or university in the nation.

Currently, students pursuing part-time study at Genesee pay $136 per credit hour. A three-credit course costs $408. A high school senior who registers for two three-credit courses will receive a Genesee Promise Plus scholarship of $816. Students will pay for their own books and supplies.

The Genesee Promise Plus, like its companion program, The Genesee Promise, will help increase access to higher education for GLOW-area students, explained President Stuart Steiner. By ensuring that every GLOW-area high school senior has the opportunity to participate in college courses, Genesee hopes to boost the number of area seniors who go on to college. “We are surprised by the number of high school seniors, including many honor students, in our region who do not choose to go on to college,” Dr. Steiner said. “Often, these students are from families who have no history of college study. No one has encouraged these students to attend college, or the students themselves may lack confidence in their ability to handle college-level work. We want to change that.”

About 2,300 seniors will graduate from GLOW-area high schools this June, said Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Virginia Taylor. “We are very excited about welcoming these students into our summer academic program,” Dr. Taylor said. “We are already offering a wide range of summer courses, and we are more than willing to add courses to meet the needs and interests of seniors who are graduating this June.”

The deadline for making an application for the program will be June 15, Dr. Taylor said. More information and the scholarship request form will soon be available on Genesee Community College’s Web site, she said.