Genesee Community College Recognizes Mary Lou Rath for Her Support of 'Smart' Classrooms

New York State Senator Mary Lou Rath was honored Wednesday morning by Genesee Community College President Stuart Steiner for her continued support of the College’s efforts to introduce state-of-the-art technology-enabled classrooms that improve learning experiences for students. One of the College’s newest smart classrooms, located in the Conable Technology Building, was funded in part by a $21,813 grant sponsored by Senator Rath.

Senator Rath was recognized for her efforts during her visit to the College where she toured classroom T121, which is one of the most recently added high-tech classrooms that provide full Internet access, wide screen projection systems, video-conferencing tools, and sophisticated document cameras. This technology gives instructors as well as many business leaders who use the facilities as a conference center in association with The BEST Center, for presenting charts, text, photos, video and audio clips, microscopic slides, and other media from virtually anywhere in the world.

In attendance at the recognition ceremony were Genesee Community College President Stuart Steiner; Dr. Larene Hoelcle, vice president for Human Resources and Planning; and numerous other college officials.

Senator Rath has been instrumental in helping the college develop smart classrooms, according to President Stuart Steiner. “These state-of-the-art classrooms help us bring an extraordinary quality of education to students,” he said. “Without Senator Rath’s leadership and dedication to Genesee, our students and instructors would lose some of the teaching and learning finesse that new technology brings to the classroom. We are very grateful for her enduring support, and we know that this support is making a real difference to our students.”

Genesee continues updating and developing many smart classrooms at the Batavia Campus and at the College’s six Campus Centers.

“Smart classroom technology literally breaks down the walls of the classroom, and gives students the ability to explore the entire world from their desks,” Dr. Steiner said. “Smart classrooms provide instructional methods that enhance teaching techniques and a variety of learning experiences.”

Editor’s Note: A photograph of Senator Rath (right) visiting Genesee Community College and seeing some of the recently installed Smart classroom technology with President Stuart Steiner is available at: