Genesee Community College's Batavia Campus Becomes Destination for Meetings and Events, Board Hears

Genesee Community College’s Batavia Campus is the number one destination for a growing number of community events, business conferences, and regional gatherings, Director of Development and External Affairs Richard Ensman and BEST Center Dean Jerry Kozlowski reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening.

During the 2006-2007 year, 79 community and regional groups sponsored sports, arts, business, and civic events at the Batavia Campus, bringing about 10,815 visitors to Genesee. Additionally, The BEST Center sponsored 431 training and educational programs serving 8,176 employees and managers of area businesses and organizations. The BEST Center also arranged for 43 business conferences at the Batavia Campus, bringing an additional 3,785 visitors to campus.

The growing number of visitors to the Batavia Campus is a boon to both the College and the wider community, Mr. Ensman said. “Many campus visitors would not otherwise be in the area,” he said. “Many of these visitors use local restaurants and hotels, pumping dollars into the local economy.”

The growing number of The BEST Center’s conferences has an even more direct economic impact on the College, bringing about $35,000 into the College’s coffers last year, Dean Kozlowski reported. “The great thing about hosting conferences is that our infrastructure is already in place…we’re already paying for the heat and light and maintenance, so any dollars that come in go straight to the College’s bottom line.”

Dean Kozlowski also noted that visitors who participate in conferences or training activities held by The BEST Center often get to see Genesee Community College “up close” for the first time. “We don’t have any data on this yet, but I believe that when visitors see our outstanding facilities, technology, and academic programs, this College rises to the top when their own families are considering higher education.”

The growing number of visitors ultimately reflects Genesee’s commitment to community service, Mr. Ensman said. “The College is here to serve all segments of the region, and when we open our doors to a growing number of people and organizations, we increase the valuable service we provide to all of our citizens.”