Genesee Community College Brings $13 Million in Grants Over Last Five Years, VP Reports

Genesee Community College has generated grants of more than $13 million over the last five years, Vice President for Human Resources and Planning Larene Hoelcle reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening.

This outside grant revenue helps Genesee maintain its reputation as one of the most highly respected and innovative community colleges in the northeastern United States, Dr. Hoelcle said.

During the 2006-2007 year, Genesee garnered $2.484 million in grant support, up from the $2.329 million received the year before. Major grants received last year included:

• Educational Opportunity Center - $300,127. This federal grant enables Genesee to provide college readiness and other outreach services to unemployed and underemployed adults in six Western New York counties. While educational opportunity centers exist across the country, Genesee’s EOC is one of one of only a few rural educational opportunity centers ever to exist in the United States.

• National Science Foundation - $71,536. This federal grant funds Genesee’s “Technology Opportunity Program Scholars” initiative, which fosters study in scientific and technological disciplines critical to the future of the region.

• Student Support Services - $275,016. This federal grant finances a wide variety of support services, including tutoring and advising, for first-generation students and other students at risk of dropping out of college.

• Upward Bound - $235,700. This grant helps Genesee identify promising Wyoming County high school students who have no tradition of higher education in their families, and prepares them for eventual college success.

• Vocational and Technical Education Act - $300,844. Under this grant, the College is able to acquire equipment and technology that improves instruction to students preparing for technical careers critical to the region.

• Tech Prep - $151,736. Through the Genesee Region Tech Prep Consortium, this grant supports new curriculum and academic initiatives that foster a seamless transition between various levels of education, as well as career exploration for area high school students.

• Liberty Partnership - $181,128. Through this state grant, the College offers the LIFE (“Liberty Increases Future Experiences”) program providing a variety of co-curricular experiences and support for at-risk students in several area school districts.

• Department of Social Services - $250,712. This grant enables Genesee to provide a variety of credit and non-credit instruction designed to increase the skill and productivity of area social service professionals.

These grant funds enable Genesee to provide valuable services to both students and the wider community, Dr. Hoelcle told trustees. “While we believe that our faculty and staff have built an extraordinary academic program here at Genesee, these grants help us go many steps further,” she said. “These grants provide funding that ultimately increases student success and employability.”

Most grants are highly competitive, Dr. Hoelcle noted. “It is a credit to our reputation and our ability to deliver good results that we continue to receive very substantial grant funding,” she said.

In other business this evening, the Board of Trustees:

• Approved a reaffirmation of the Board’s policy on nepotism. The policy commits the College to hiring the most qualified individuals, and prohibits college employees from influencing the hiring of relatives or supervising relatives.

• Heard Policy Committee Charles Ruffino report that the Committee is studying the College’s policy on alcohol.
• Heard Board Chair Marcia Noonan report that about 140 area residents attended the Medina Campus Grand Opening October 10. The new Center, located on Route 31A, is currently serving about 150 Medina-area students. President Steiner noted that, to commemorate the occasion and recognize the assistance of the Medina School District and Orleans Niagara BOCES, the College is offering two $1,500 scholarships to Medina-area high school graduates this fall - one in the name of the Medina school superintendent and one in the name of the BOCES superintendent. The Medina School District and BOCES allowed the College to use space while the new Campus Center was being completed.

• Heard President Stuart Steiner report that 6,508 students were registered for classes as of Friday, almost even with the 6,521 students registered exactly one year ago. “We are very pleased that we are able to keep our enrollment numbers at this level,” Dr. Steiner told trustees. The expansion of College Village and the College’s new Medina Campus Center contributed to the strong enrollment numbers, he said.

• Heard Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Virginia Taylor report that the Admissions Office processed 3,440 completed applications from prospective students interested in full-time study during the 2007-2008 academic year, up 4.2% from the 3,302 individuals who applied a year earlier. Of these applicants, 1,513 registered for classes on a full-time basis, representing a “yield” of 44%. The 2006-2007 yield was also 44%. Eight hundred eighty-four prospective students applied for part-time study, down slightly from the 909 individuals who applied a year earlier. Five hundred thirty-nine of these individuals registered for classes, representing a yield of 61%. Last year’s part-time yield was 63%.

• Heard Dr. Steiner report that Samson A. Olaode will join the College’s staff as Director of Grant Services next month. Mr. Olaode currently serves as Director of Upward Bound at Mohawk Valley Community College. He was previously a member of the staff of Monroe Community College, where he directed the Skills, Academics, Growth, and Employee program and served as an adjunct professor. Mr. Olaode holds B.S. and M.P.A. degrees from SUNY Brockport and a M.S. degree from Buffalo State College.

• Heard Dr. Steiner report that Daniel Synder has joined the College’s staff as ACE Program Technical Specialist. Mr. Snyder has worked in the communications and restaurant industry, and is a member of the College’s adjunct faculty. He holds B.S. and M.A. degrees from SUNY Brockport.

• Heard Dr. Larene Hoelcle, Vice President of Human Resources and Planning, report that “Emergency Procedures” instructions have been posted in all Genesee Community College classrooms and offices. The procedures emphasize calling 911 and the College’s Public Safety Office in the event of emergencies.