Genesee Community College Hosts Cultural Dance Showcase

Get up and dance at Genesee Community College! The Cultural Dance Showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14 at 7:00 pm in the Stuart Steiner Theater. Blending a wide range of styles, from the elegant waltz and the sexy salsa, the groovy swing and the passionate Tango, Genesee’s Cultural Dance Showcase is sure to get your feet moving.

The event features dances by performers and teachers from across the region. The Da Igramo Folk Ensemble (Da Igramo is Serbian for “Let’s Dance”) is a group of Rochester area dancers who share a love for folk dances and folk music from many countries. Their costumes are authentic or have been carefully reproduced from the original by the dancers. Da Igramo will perform a series of Israeli dances, an exciting mix of traditional and modern dance forms, reflecting the youth and exuberance of the young nation and the rich cultural heritage of its people.

The Park Avenue Dance Company is a contemporary group that encourages and develops modern contemporary dance through choreography and performance, education, and community involvement. The group will be performing a work from their repertoire Wayfarer Torn by choreographer and dancer Meredith Klus.

Sasha Boyd, daughter of Genesee faculty Charlie and Connie Boyd, and Laura Littlejohn, daughter of Genesee faculty member Judith Littlejohn, will perform a Reel (in soft-shoes) and a Hornpipe (in hard-shoes). Sasha and Laura are students at the McMahon School of Irish Dance, which has several locations throughout the area. The goal is to keep Irish culture alive through music and dance and to pass it on to new generations of dancers.

Maureen Hickey, who grew up in Rochester, NY, has competed as an amateur and professional in Ballroom and Country & Western Dancing. She is certified by the Dance Educators of America and teaches at Tango Café in Rochester.

In addition to these performers, many other types of dancing will be included such as West Coast Swing, salsa, and a special performance by a group of Genesee’s International students.

“This is a fun event that really showcases a wide variety of dancing from around the world,” said Emily Merrill, International Advisor. “We are excited to be able to offer such an exciting mixture of styles for everyone to enjoy.”

The event, which is sponsored by the International Student Organization Club and Student Activities, costs $7 for general admission tickets. Discounted tickets are available for Genesee students, faculty, and staff with valid ID. Tickets may be purchased at the door or in advance at Student Activities or in the Advisement Office.

For more information contact Emily Merrill, International Advisor, at 585-343-0055 x6409 or by email at