Genesee Community College Boasts Positive Scores in National Student Survey

Genesee Community College scored positively on the Community College Survey of Student Engagement, a national survey administered last spring to more than 310,000 community college students across the United States, Dr. Ruth Andes, Assistant Dean of Assessment and Special Projects and Professor of Sociology, reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening. A randomly selected sample of 724 Genesee students were included in the survey.

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is designed to measure student behavior associated with academic success. By examining CCSSE data, faculty and staff members of individual colleges can determine their strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, develop action plans to boost student success, Dr. Andes said.

Genesee scored well in the 2007 CCSSE survey, Dr. Andes told the Board of Trustees. Among the findings:

• Many Genesee students appear to be first generation students, with 49% indicating that neither parent has had college experience. Most students began their college experience at Genesee (76%) and 94% would recommend Genesee to a friend or family member. The CCSSE results show a slight reduction in the percentage of students employed more than twenty hours per week, from 57.1% in 2005 to 55.3% in 2007.

• Genesee Community College scored significantly above the national mean (“average”) in a number of critical student habits. Genesee students use the Internet and instant message for academic purposes, use e-mail to communicate with instructors, and use college computer labs more frequently than their national peers. Genesee students also complete more written papers and reports, participate in co-curricular activities, and participate in student organizations much more frequently than their peers across the nation.

• Genesee did not fall significantly below the national mean in any area and evidenced improvement in the broad categories of Active and Collaborative Learning and Student Effort, both key elements of student engagement and success.

The CCSSE survey helps confirm the importance of recent Genesee Community College initiatives, such as the college-wide emphasis on written communication and the introduction of sophisticated technological tools at Genesee in recent years, Dr. Andes said. But CCSSE will also be a strong assessment tool in future years, she added. “This gives us valuable data on how our students compare to students at colleges all over the nation,” she said. “CCSSE is a wonderful assessment tool, and can help us identify both our successes and our needs in the years ahead.”