Introduction to Biotechnology Gives Students a Glimpse of Cutting-Edge Industry

Biotechnology is a hot buzz word these days, but if you’re not sure exactly what it means, perhaps a quick course at Genesee Community College is all you need to get up to speed. A twelve-week survey course in Biotechnology is starting September 24. Topics include current career opportunities; biotechnology research; biotechnology’s role in modern medicine, agriculture, and DNA profiling; and bioethics and the impact of biotechnology on society.

Taught by Dr. Tong Cheng, Genesee’s Instructor of Biotechnology, the one credit course is offered to anyone who is interested in the burgeoning field of biotechnology. Students who successfully complete the course will be able to describe the function and basic properties of DNA, RNA, and proteins; explain the basic principles of recombinant DNA technology including cloning; describe the organization and job opportunities within biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; and construct a concept map that describes the drug development process from inception to market. Students will also be able to identify global and ethical issues that affect decisions made by researchers at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

“This course will be a broad overview of not only the basics of biotechnology, but the wider issues raised by the industry,” said Dr. Cheng. “It goes well beyond biology into the practical applications of the field, addressing ethics and job opportunities so that students will truly understand this exciting new discipline.”

The Introduction to Biotechnology (BIO 117) course begins Monday, September 24 at the Batavia campus. Class hours are Mondays from 2:30-3:35 pm. For more information please contact Dr. Tong Cheng at 585-343-0055 x6392 or or to register online