Adjunct Genesee Professor Completes Cross-Country Bike Ride

Gene Emborsky believes that getting there is half (or maybe more) the fun. He and his wife, Jane, just completed a cross-country bike ride that began in San Francisco, CA on June 3 and ended in Portsmouth, NH on July 24. Altogether the couple rode 3,900 miles in 52 days (47 ride days).

“It was the trip of a lifetime,” he said. “It was an incredible experience and we met a lot of neat people along the way.”
Emborsky, a resident of Silver Lake, NY, has been an adjunct biology professor at Genesee Community College for seven years. Prior to teaching college courses, he was a science teacher at Alexander High School for twenty-five years. He plans to use some of the wisdom he learned on the cross-country ride in his nutrition classes this Fall, particularly the need to eat properly in conjunction with physical activity.

He and his wife have been biking for about eight years and began looking into a cross-country trip three years ago. After extensive research they decided to sign on with America By Bicycle, a fully-supported bicycling company that specializes in long-distance tours. By going with a touring company, the Emborskys were assured of a scenic route, vans along the way equipped with food and drink, and a group of twenty-six other cyclists to share the adventure with. The crew included individuals from England, France, Israel, and Germany ranging in age from 23 to 75.

For the Emborskys, who had never been out West before, the Cross Country Challenge tour was a spectacular way to view some of America’s most beautiful and scenic areas. From the natural beauty of the Sierras and Rockies to crossing the Mississippi River, they were able to cycle through the heart of America and explore the different regions all from the seat of their bicycles.

“Our favorite area was Colorado,” said Gene. “The hills and canyons we went through out there were absolutely breathtaking.”

The Emborskys are planning another trip in the near future, although they haven’t decided on their exact route. They are considering bike touring on their own this time.

“After averaging 75-80 miles per day on this trip, we have the confidence that we can do any cycling trip we want to,” Gene said. “Bicycling is a wonderful stress release, and it’s nice to be able to ride with my wife. It’s something we enjoy doing together.”

For more information visit Gene’s blog,, which gives a daily breakdown of their trip as it unfolded, or contact Gene Emborsky, Adjunct Biology Professor at Genesee Community College at 585-343-0055 or

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