Genesee Community College's Scholarship Campaign in Livingston County is a Success

Kevin W. Dougherty, who served as Chair of the Livingston Division of Genesee Community College’s annual campaign reports that this year’s campaign was a big success. Dougherty recognizes the economic importance of having two campus centers located within the county borders. Not only does their presence encourage residents to seek higher education and to be trained in careers and skills needed in the workforce, but they provide employment opportunities and additional spending in the community. The scholarship campaign supported by individuals and businesses increases the likelihood that students will have access to college; sometimes only a small amount of financial help is needed to encourage them to enroll and to retain them in college.

Mr. Dougherty said, “Scholarships attract students with high academic potential to the classrooms; help retain students who otherwise may be at risk of dropping out due to financial concerns, and, again, support our local economy by training our work force in needed skills.”

The volunteers and donors listed below were instrumental in encouraging residents to seek higher educational opportunities and training through Genesee Community College’s scholarship program:

• Dr. Richard Aguirre, Lakeville
• Rotary Club of Avon
• Ms. Victoria Adonnino, Mt. Morris
• Babcock Enterprises, Dansville
• Bernhardt Remodeling, Lakeville
• Mr. Bill Brennan, Livonia
• Mr. Eric Barnard, Lakeville
• Ms. Alice Burdick, Dansville
• Ms. Donna Brokaw, Dansville
• Mr. James Culbertson, Dansville
• Cottone Auctions & Appraisals, Mt. Morris
• Ms. Susan Colegrove, Dansville
• Community Bank, N. A., Dansville
• Dansville Auto Mart, Inc, Dansville
• Lions Club of Dansville
• Rotary Club of Dansville
• Davis’ Trailer World, York
• Mr. Jerome Dougherty, Avon
• Genesee Valley Penny Saver, Avon
• Mayor Barry Haywood, Dansville
• Mr. G. Robert Hussey, Dansville
• Mr. Robert Hart, Dansville
• Mr. Timothy Hayes, Avon
• Ms. Kelley Howard, Dalton
• Mr. Bob Infantino, Dansville
• Don & Tammy Ingram, Dansville
• Kevin Dougherty Funeral Home, Livonia
• Mr. David Kress, Lakeville
• Ms. Roberta Klapper, Linwood
• Linwood Turf Equipment, Linwood
• Livingston Co. Chamber of Commerce
• Livingston County IDA
• Livingston Mutual Insurance Co, Dansville
• Livonia Pharmacy, Lakeville
• Mr. Chris Ludwig, Livonia
• Rotary Club of Livonia
• Ms. Marilyn P. Lyon, Livonia
• Main Tire Exchange, Dansville
• Mill Creek Optical, Dansville
• Mr. David Mapes, Dansville
• Dominick & Lorraine Mazza, Avon
• Mr. David Morris, Nunda
• Noblehurst Farms, Linwood
• Richard & MaryAnn Palermo, Livonia
• Mr. Jon Shay, Dansville
• Mr. Terry McCarron, Lakeville
• Ms. Denise Morley, Geneseo
• Gary & Toni Ann Moore, Leicester
• Mr. John Sawyer, Mt. Morris
• Ms. Carolyn Scoppa, Dansville
• Ms. Melissa Szczesniak, Livonia
• Sparta Farms, Dansville
• St. Matthews Catholic Church, Livonia
• Steuben Trust Company, Geneseo
• The Saunders Foundation, Rochester
• Mr. Paul Schaefer, Dansville
• Sweeteners Plus, Inc, Lakeville
• Ms. Michele Theilen, Arkport
• West Wise Supermarket, Livonia
• Mr. Robert Wiggins, Lima
• Mr. Thomas Wamp, Dansville
• Ms. Mary Amelia Welch, Dansville
• West Herr Auto Group, Dansville
• Woodlawn Farms, Linwood
• York Animal Hospital, York
• Mr. Kevin Dougherty, Lakeville, Livingston Division Chair

The Genesee Community College Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing service and support to Genesee Community College. A thirty-member board of directors comprised of local business and civic leaders leads the board. The Foundation, formed in the mid-eighties to provide philanthropic support to the College, provided 511 scholarships to Genesee students last year.

Additional gifts may be sent to the Genesee Community College Foundation, One College Road, Batavia, NY 14020. For further information, write to the address above, or to or call (585) 345-6809.

Editor’s Note: The list of volunteers and donors is available in a graphically formatted file by going to