New Web Development AAS Degree Starts this Fall at Genesee Community College


In a world where websites and the Internet have become the primary source of communication and information for organizations of every size and stripe, Genesee Community College is pleased to be offering a new Web Development Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. This degree will enable the communication and business connectivity within the global marketplace for manufacturers and small businesses, retailers and agricultural organizations, entrepreneurs and home businesses, educational and government agencies.

After just one or two principal classes, students in the Web Development program will have a strong foundation in applications such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe Flash, Director, Photoshop and Illustrator. They will be comfortable working with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Many of the courses are offered both during lunch hour and in the evening to accommodate busy schedules for people with full-time jobs.

“Establishing and maintaining a web presence is easy with two or three key courses,” said Jim Habermas, Professor of Computer Information Systems who will be teaching these courses this fall. “This is a great opportunity especially for organizations to start or enhance their visibility on the Internet. They might be an agricultural business with a small group of employees who may be family members, or a larger company which wants to enhance or update their existing site in-house and assign such a project to an internal employee.”

Students who wish to continue in Genesee’s program and take the second course in the spring or even complete the AAS Web Development program will gain the technical and aesthetic skill sets needed to conceptualize, create, produce, administer, and maintain a set of interactive web pages. Students will learn the range of skills necessary to become successful web administrators by focusing on several key areas including layout and design and web programming.

An important element of Genesee’s Web Development degree is the two tiered co-op experience. In the first semester, students work in class developing a web solution for a fictional company, simulating all the steps involved in developing a new website, from researching domain names, building story boards, writing copy, acquiring imagery and developing the contents of the site. The final product of this hands-on design project is a real website that is tested on the College’s server on numerous computers and has full functionality.

In semester two, the students are assigned a real business to work with and they apply their new web design skills to a real company in the business community which uses the end product at no cost to the company. An example of Genesee students’ website development project is where the College’s Web Development co-op encounter features the work of Genesee students and translated into a real online benefit for a local company.

“Hands-on experience is what distinguishes the curriculum at Genesee Community College,” Habermas said. “This program is centered around hands-on learning, first in the classroom and then in the work world where job opportunities lie around every corner. This is one reason why employers seek out Genesee graduates.”

Genesee students also have the opportunity to work and gain valuable experience in a wide range of business settings as interns or through job shadowing encounters with businesses such as CLSS Enterprises, DeZineZone, SunGard Higher Education, Genesee County IT Department, and Paychex.

The fall semester begins Monday, August 27, allowing ample time to register either online at or by stopping by any of Genesee Community College’s seven campus locations:

• Albion, 456 West Avenue, Albion, 585-589-4939
• Arcade, 25 Edward Street, 585-492-5265
• Batavia, One College Road, 585-343-0055
• Dansville, 9221 Robert Hart Drive, 585-335-7820
• Lakeville, 5999 Big Tree Road, 585-346-5070
• Medina, 11470 Maple Ridge Road, 585-798-1688 (opening Fall 2007)
• Warsaw, 115 Linwood Ave., 585-786-3010

The AAS degree program includes core requirements, elective requirements, and general education requirements. The total requirement is 62 credits and is expected to take four semesters to complete.

For more information about the new Web Development AAS, contact Jim Habermas at the College at 585-343-0055 x6207; on his cellular phone at 585-746-9331; or email: