Genesee Community College President, Trustee Explore Advanced Technology at

Genesee Community College Trustee Melvin J. Wentland and Genesee President Stuart Steiner are the co-authors of an article on the use of technology in the Spring 2007 issue of Trustee Quarterly, published by the Association of Community College Trustees.

In the article, titled “Genesee Community College Leverages Technology, Raises Services for Students and Faculty,” Dr. Wentland and Dr. Steiner explore the reasons that Genesee Community College has acquired a national reputation for the use of academic and administrative technology.

Over the last decade, the authors note, Genesee has provided cutting-edge technology to faculty, staff, and students, including 45 “smart” classrooms; six distance learning classrooms; 20 specialized labs; 34 student-facing computer labs; and a multi-media library that uses advanced databases to make information from around the world available to students. The authors also note that Genesee’s web portal ( gives students the ability to complete most administrative tasks – ranging from bill-paying to registration – online.

All of this technology has raised Genesee’s profile nationally, and contributed to academic excellence at Genesee, Dr. Steiner said. “As an example, smart classrooms contain sophisticated document readers, projection equipment, interactive whiteboards, and full Internet access,” he said. “These tools have significant implications for instruction. Professors can magnify and project virtually any image, from a map to biological cells. They can access educational resources from businesses and governments all over the world from within the classroom. Instead of using a traditional blackboard, faculty members can present both text and visuals to students, who can usually download notes and presentations to their own computers.”

The article explains that Genesee’s partnership with SunGard Higher Education, a private technology corporation, enables the College to bring the best of the nation’s educational technology resources to its classrooms. “Many rural colleges, without easy access to technology experts, are challenged to keep pace with instructional technology,” explained Dr. Steiner. “We made a strategic decision at Genesee, more than a quarter-century ago, to bring in national experts to partner with us in the technology arena. That decision has brought us to the forefront of educational technology, and helps prepare students for the technology challenges they face when they enter the workforce.”

The Association of Community College Trustees is an international national organization comprised of members of community college governing boards. The Washington, D.C.-based organization provides education and guidance to 6,500 college trustees across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.