Four Genesee Community College Faculty Members Receive NISOD Excellence Awards

Four Genesee Community College faculty members have been named recipients of the 2007 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award. Founded in 1978, NISOD emphasizes the importance of teaching and leadership excellence in institutions of higher education. The excellence award celebrates instructors who are given the critical task of serving well all students who enroll through the doors of ‘open access’. Genesee Community College’s 2007 awardees are Patricia Simmons, Marnie Kozielski, Constance Conway, and David Parker.

Patricia Simmons is an adjunct instructor of Dance for the Fine and Performing Arts at Genesee Community College. In addition to teaching dance classes, Patti has worked on the College’s theatre productions. Patti, a resident of Corfu, NY, makes special trips to the College for Friday night rehearsals and often stays late to help students work out difficult dance sequences.

As a teacher, Patti is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and an expert in dance. Although Patti’s students are at different levels of experience and ability, she handles this with ease, often demonstrating each step repeatedly until the least experienced student can execute it correctly. Patti can be found before or after classes tutoring students who require extra help; she is a mentor to students beyond the requirement of their classes and encourages them to stretch their abilities and helps them to reach their goals.

Marnie Kozielski is committed to effective teaching and student learning. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic adjunct faculty member who is passionate about her field. Marnie, who resides in Medina, NY, teaches Spanish at Royalton-Hartland High School as well as at Genesee. Her proficiency in classroom technology contributes to her students’ overall understanding and positive learning experience.

Marnie’s deep love of the Spanish language and culture fuel her enthusiasm, which brings out excellent class participation – including persuading her class to join her in singing songs in Spanish. Student evaluations repeatedly show that Marnie is a well-respected, very effective instructor.

Constance Conway is an English Language Arts instructor at Attica Central School. For the past ten years, Conni has offered FYE 100 (First Year Experience) to hundreds of seniors as a means of preparing them for life beyond secondary school. Conni’s insights and caring spirit have added to the course content and students leave her classroom enriched by her positive attitude as well as by tips about time management and study skills. Conni resides in Attica, NY.

David Parker is a business and accounting instructor at Genesee’s Arcade Campus Center. His extensive experience in (Business) Banking, finance, management, and marketing has an extremely positive influence on his teaching style. Students have complained about accounting courses in the past, but David makes his course content valuable and interesting to students and he receives favorable feedback from them.

His students incorporate much of what he teaches into their final class projects, using the knowledge he has shared to make excellent presentations using smart classroom equipment for a very professional product. David’s wealth of expertise, along with the guest lecturers that he invites into his classroom, provides a positive experience for his students. David resides in Grand Island, NY.

The NISOD excellence award-winners will receive specially cast, pewter medallions at a special dinner during Genesee Community College’s professional activity week which occurs in mid-August as a kick-off to the new academic year.

For more information please contact Marilyn Dickinson, Academic Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, at (585) 343-0055 x6529 or go to the NISOD website at: