Genesee's Respiratory Care Program Recognizes Largest Ever Graduating Class

Twenty-six graduates of Genesee Community College’s Respiratory Care Program will soon be serving people with heart and lung problems in hospitals throughout the nation. The graduating class, which is the largest in the program’s history, will be celebrating their 2007 Pinning Ceremony on Saturday, May 12 at 7 PM in the Stuart Steiner Theatre.

“We are delighted and very proud not only with the size of this year’s graduating class but also by the caliber of students and soon—professionals who will be working within the burgeoning field of respiratory care,” Ronald Jacobs, Director and Assistant Professor of the Respiratory Care program said. “Students are discovering that careers in health care are very rewarding personally, professionally and monetarily, and they can also frequently choose when and where they want to work.”

Students have accepted positions in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee, as well as locally in areas such as Rochester, Buffalo, Lockport, and Newfane. Respiratory Therapists are responsible for assessing and treating patients with heart and lung problems, as well as educating patients and their families. Genesee’s twenty-six 2007 graduates are:

• KellyAnn Anderson from Kendall, NY
• Patricia Bark from Brockport, NY
• Amy Beardsley from Wayland, NY
• John Betts from Middleport, NY
• Tawana Brown from Rochester, NY
• Jaclyn Bruner from Le Roy, NY
• Colleen Clary from Medina, NY
• Erin Davis from Perry, NY
• Jennifer Desautels from Batavia, NY
• Gilda Efem from Staten Island, NY
• Roberta Fanton from Fancher, NY
• Rebecca Flanagan from Hamlin, NY
• Sarah Graupman from Brockport, NY
• Michael Hennessy from Conesus, NY
• Anné Lippert from Akron, NY
• Shawn Mack from Webster, NY
• Mary Marshall from Elba, NY
• Kyle O’Connor from Batavia, NY
• Joseph Plante from Rochester, NY
• Ruth Priest from Spencerport, NY
• Nichole Ransom from Chili, NY
• Michael Saccucci from Toronto, Canada
• Heather Scripp from Sheldon, NY
• Brooke Slate from Batavia, NY
• Jeffrey Stork from Batavia, NY
• Darlene Welch from Fairport, NY

For more information about Genesee’s Respiratory Care Program or about the 2007 pinning ceremony, contact the Respiratory Care Department at (585) 345-6860.


Editor’s Note: A photo of the graduating class is available by going to

Pictured left to right seated in the front row: Darlene Welch, Erin Davis, Brooke Slate, Rebecca Flanagan, Patricia Bark, Gilda Efem, Tawana Brown, Jaclyn Bruner

Pictured left to right standing in back row: Christopher Stercula, Director of Clinical Education, Mary Marshall, Colleen Clary, Jeffrey Stork, Michael Saccucci, KellyAnn Anderson, Heather Scripp, Jennifer Desautels, Ruth Priest, Joseph Plante, Michael Hennessy, Roberta Fanton, Amy Beardsley, Sarah Graupman, John Betts, Anné Lippert, Kyle O’Connor, Nichole Ransom, and Ronald Jacobs, Director and Assistant Professor of the Respiratory Care program.