Genesee Community College Announces March Employee of the Month

Genesee Community College is pleased to announce that there is a group winner for the March Employee of the Month. The college’s Housekeeping Department is being recognized for its excellent job maintaining a high level of cleanliness at the Batavia campus.

The members of the department take great pride in keeping the campus squeaky clean and their dedication is noticed by staff and students alike, as evidenced by the most recent Student Opinion Survey where Genesee ranked very high in this category. Visitors from the campus are equally impressed by the cleanliness of the College’s facilities and often comment on the extraordinary condition of the campus.

The Genesee Community College Housekeeping staff includes:
• Gina Avino of Batavia
• Gary Boccaccio of Elba
• Sandra Colson of Batavia
• Martin Cross of Batavia
• Donald Curry of Le Roy
• Timothy Davalos of South Byron
• Ryeder Dilcher of Byron
• Sheila Hale of Batavia
• Richard Mruczek of Attica
• Michael Roberts of Byron
• Kenneth Taylor of Batavia
• Larry Vincent of Corfu
• Loren Vincent of Corfu
• Dawn Wahl of Le Roy

• Karen Williams of Batavia
• Mark Yasses of East Bethany

The outstanding work done by this department is crucial to Genesee Community College’s reputation and contributes to the culture of respect and academic excellence within the College.

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Editors Note: A photo of the night housekeeping staff can be found by visiting:

Pictured left to right are: Karen Williams, Gina Avino, Timothy Davalos, Sheila Hale, Loren Vincent, Ryeder Dilcher, Dawn Wahl.

A photo of the day housekeeping staff can be found by visiting:

Pictured left to right are: Kenneth Taylor, Mark Yasses, Larry Vincent, Richard Mruczek, Gary Boccaccio, Michael Roberts, Sandra Colson. (Donald Curry not pictured)