Genesee Community College Donates Computers to Area Non-Profit Organizations

Genesee Community College is emphasizing the “reuse” in the environmental slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle.” The College is donating more than 100 second-hand computers to area non-profit organizations that are in need of the equipment.

“This is a new procedure for us,” said Kathleen Sinel, Vice President of Finance and Operations at the college. “In the past we’ve just recycled our old machines, but many of them are still in fine working shape and we’d rather see them be used by someone who needs them.”

Sinel, along with SunGard, the College’s computer services provider, decided to contact several area non-profit organizations to see if any were in need of equipment. The donated computers are complete systems, including monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The Genesee County ARC, which provides assistance for developmentally disabled adults, picked up ten computers last week.

Donna Saskowski, Genesee County ARC Executive Director, said that these computers will be used for a variety of purposes. Some will be used by the people they serve to help them learn and improve their computer skills. Others will have adaptive switches added, which are like large buttons, to allow those with severe disabilities in the ARC’s Day Habilitation program to improve motor skills and get visual feedback through the computer screen. A few machines will replace outdated computers for the staff.

“Our budget usually includes funding for about ten new computers annually,” Saskowski said. “This donation from Genesee Community College is essentially doubling our capacity this year. It is very helpful.”

The Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission picked up five machines last week as well, and Micrecycle, a Rochester-based program that refurbishes old computers and donates them to churches, schools, and other organizations in need, is scheduled to take about 30 machines this week.

As the College updates its computer systems, more machines are likely to become available. Approximately 100 computers are currently available for donation to non-profit organizations. Interested organizations may contact Sinel at (585) 343-0055 x6210.