Genesee Community College Announces December Employee and Student of the Month

Genesee Community College is pleased to announce that Harold Strassner is the recipient of the Employee of the Month award for December 2006. As a member of the Computer Services department, Harold works tirelessly to ensure that the College’s faculty, staff, and students receive the best possible experience. His key responsibilities are library systems management, faculty and staff development, WebCT administration, and smart classrooms.

As an adjunct instructor, Strassner takes a high level of professionalism, positive attitude, and knowledge into the classroom. He is currently teaching Microcomputer Applications, which develops skills to solve problems using common microcomputer software. His work with faculty in WebCT, which is the College’s course management software, has been outstanding and the success in online instruction is largely due to Harold’s dedication and effort.

Harold handles technical difficulties with professionalism and humor and he will work patiently with an individual until that person understands how to move forward. Harold never makes others feel that questions are trivial or silly and he is always willing to help. “My job at Genesee Community College allows me to combine the two things I love most – teaching and technology,” Strassner said. “I also get to work with who I think is some of the most dedicated faculty and staff anywhere.”

Harold comes to Genesee Community College following a 22-year career in the Navy, where he earned the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. He was certified as an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, Master Training Specialist, and Technical Curriculum Designer. While on active duty, Harold completed a B.S. in Occupational Education and an M.S. Ed in Adult Education. Harold, whose interests include music and vacation planning in addition to his passion for technology in general and gadgets and computers in particular, lives with his wife, Barbara Ann, in Scottsville, NY.

Genesee Community College named Yuko Kitagawa the Student of the Month for December. Yuko, an international student from Japan, is working toward a double major in accounting and gerontology. She is very active in the College community through her work on the Respect Campaign Committee, as well as being an active participant in the Student Development Series. Yuko will graduate from Genesee Community College in 2008 and plans to return to Japan to continue her education and begin her career.

Yuko, who has worked to improve her English skills since arriving at Genesee Community College, hopes to help fill Japan’s demand for workers who have knowledge of both Japanese and American accounting systems. Her other goal is to become involved in volunteer work to support the elderly. She is gaining experience working with the elderly through an internship at Genesee County Nursing Home. “I have met many wonderful people there, and have many elder friends now,” Yuko said.

Although Yuko has a busy schedule, she volunteers for many activities and maintains a positive, upbeat attitude. “One of my favorite things about attending Genesee Community College is the marvelous teachers that give me a challenge every day,” she said. “I have to manage a lot of work, but I derive a good deal of benefit from it.” Yuko is extremely respectful of others, generous and thoughtful, and she demonstrates these traits to both administration and students.